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Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin are officially together again

After getting back together, are Angel and Luis planning to wed anytime soon?

Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin are officially together again-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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02/17/2014 12:12 AM
Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin are officially together again
021714-luis_main.jpgA few weeks since they both confessed to still having feelings for one another, host-actor Luis Manzano finally confirmed that he and Angel Locsin are officially back in each other's arms.

On his Sunday appearance on Buzz ng Bayan, the Minute to Win it host blurted "I am proudly her boyfriend" when asked what's the status of his relationship with Angel.

Despite being open about their wanting to be with each other anew, both Angel and Luis in recent interviews have been consistent in saying that they have to resolve past issues which went unresolved when they parted ways back in 2009 before they can officially become boyfriend-girlfriend again.

Confirming once again what Angel has previously revealed, Luis said they started communicating during the holidays last year and that after a few conversation he admitted on Sunday that "a bit of the spark was [already] rekindled."

However, contrary to speculations, he clarified that Angel's declaration of love for him during a blogcon last month wasn't entirely borne out of her long harbored love for him even if she was in a relationship before.

"I wanna explain also kasi na when she came out on TV na mahal pa niya ako, na I had no idea. Na it was the first time for us to talk after so long. That's wrong. We were already talking and we got to spend time with each other. We were already enjoying each other's company once again and i'd like to think that we were already falling in love once again," he explained.

To once again clear the seemingly "orchestrated" romance that he's having with The Legal Wife star, Luis also emphasized that Angel wasn't the reason why he parted ways with former girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado.

"How is that even possible? For three years na walang text, walang kahit ano. In fact, Angel was even scared to see me for the first time dahil iniisip niya na it would be so much negativity. That's why we also didn't want to see each other. Naisip namin na kapag nakita kami, it would breed negativity. We were on that stage. How could I be the reason of their breakup and how could she be the reason of my breakup?" he said.

The real reason of their split as he says would remain exclusive for them, their respective families, friends and other people close to them.

When asked if he's concerned whether or not Angel's ex-boyfriend Phil Younghusband believes the actress' claim that he didn't cause the breakup, Luis said, "I hope... I guess they broke for a reason. We broke up with a reason and the reason is us parin through chance, through destiny. I hope Phil believes."

With news of their reconciliation making rounds lately came rumors that they are also planning to settle down before this year ends. This rumor was even further cemented by them openly referring to calling Queen of All Media Kris Aquino their "ninang" and her calling them her "inaanak."

"This year, maybe not. In 2015, we'll call you" he said coyly to host Boy Abunda.

Watch the interview here.