Kris' Top 4 Birthday Lessons

Kris' Top 4 Birthday Lessons-Domi Espejo
Domi Espejo


02/14/2014 04:53 PM
Kris' Top 4 Birthday Lessons
021414-Kris_main.jpgIn the birthday episode of Kris TV, Kris Aquino who turns 43 generously shared many of her learnings about life and love.  Here are some of the most touching and inspiring lessons coming from the Queen of All Media who is no stranger to sharing her life like an open book.

“We’re given that exceptional gift to be able to touch lives.” 
In the show’s trip to Dubai especially, Kris and her team were able to get up close and personal with Filipinos working in the Middle Eastern city.  They realized that even a few minutes were precious for them who may have it harder than those in other countries.  Kris also went on to mention all the fans who have expressed their appreciation for the show.  She thanked the viewers for “allowing her to grow up,” and for allowing her  to have an impact on their lives.

“Maturity teaches you na kung ayaw mo pakialaman ang life mo, tumahimik ka.”
Being interviewed by head writer Darla Sauler off-cam, Kris generously imparted life lessons while politely evading questions about her personal life.  “Regalo ko sa sarili ko yon,” was her reply when asked about her birthday plans.
“Every girl deserves a boy, who won’t make her mascarra run but will mess up her lipstick.”
Kris came across and was delighted with this this quote and also she willingly shared it to all those in search for the good kind of man. As if given a clue to talk about romance, Darla hinted at a new suitor for Kris, but again she shyed away from answering.

“There’s really a rainbow after all that rain.”
Kris mentioned 2013 as an eventful year for her and so she is thankful that finally all problems have come to pass.  She admits that she is happy and at peace with her current state and only has to answer to her two boys Josh and Bimby.

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