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Kim, Xian admit they are friends with their exes

Kim Chiu and Xian Lim answered pressing questions about their love team on Kris TV.

EJ Salut


12/03/2014 08:35 PM
Kim, Xian admit they are friends with their exes
120314-xian_main.jpgIn this morning’s Kris TV episode titled #AskKimXionKrisTV, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim revealed they are both friends with their exes.

Kim admitted she has only one ex-boyfriend, referring to her relationship with Gerald  Anderson. and that she is friends with the actor. When host Kris Aquino asked her if there was any awkwardness between them in their last TV commercial together, Kim said, “Hindi na awkward sa kape. Wala naman nang feelings involved. It’s just work.”

Xian also answered yes to the question, but did not elaborate further. When Kris referred to a certain ex-girlfriend of his, the actor said as far as he knows they are friends. 

The on screen couple also answered questions about their favorites, first impression of each other, even the number of kids they would like to have in the future. Kim wants to have a lot of kids, while Xian explained he wanted to have only one as he fears not being able to provide all of his family’s needs.

The question and answer portion also revealed that both of them are the jealous type and would rather spend time at home than partying. Kim and Xian also said they have remained very good friends because they have similar interests and they understand each other’s personality.

As for why he hasn’t taken his relationship with Kim to the next level, Xian revealed, “Gusto namin very solid yung foundation. If you guys know each other well, nothing can go wrong.” Kim added that she’s not closing her heart to Xian and she’s very thankful that he has always been there for her.

After evading questions if they have said ‘I love you’ to each other and what are their terms of endearment, Kris and guest co-host Carmina Villaroel were touched when Xian shared that Kim was the first person he took for a ride in his new Porsche, the car which he acquired after buying his new home. “Jinojoke ko kasi siya sabi ko, balang araw, magkakaroon din ako ng sports car. Maisasakay din kita sa sports car, this was back in Binondo Girl.” He further related that he used to ride with Kim before in her Nissan. “So sabi ko dati, balang araw, isasakay din kita… ipagda-drive kita sa ano,” he said. Kim also recalled that day saying she was surprised when Xian picked her up in a sports car at her magazine shoot.