Why Aiza Seguerra and Liza Dino decided to marry

Newlyweds Aiza Seguerra and Liza Dino talked about their relationship and marriage on Tapatan ni Tunying as aired on Christmas day, December 25.


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12/26/2014 11:31 AM
Why Aiza Seguerra and Liza Dino decided to marry

122614-aizaliza_main.jpgNewlyweds Aiza Seguerra and Liza Dino talked about their relationship and marriage on Tapatan ni Tunying as aired on Christmas day, December 25.

According to Aiza, they met when she was in fourth year high school while Liza was in second-year college (Liza is older by two years). Aiza shared that she was friends with Liza’s first boyfriend and became close to her when she asked help regarding the UPCAT exam.

When asked if she “two-timed” Aiza and her boyfriend at that time, Liza, who was studying in UP, said that she did not realize that their friendship was growing into something else. However, they also admitted they separated as Liza was uncertain and scared about confirming her sexuality. She said that she and Aiza eventually separated as she chose her boyfriend, but they remained friends.

Liza, who won Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism International in 2001, decided to stay away from Aiza completely in 2003 when she learned that the singer was seeing someone new already.

Meanwhile, Aiza said that her coming out did not become easy. She said that she argued with her parents, but she eventually understood her mother’s concerns when she separated with her girlfriend.

In 2008, Liza left for America to study a culinary course where she also gave birth to her ex-boyfriend’s daughter, Amara. After five years, she returned and saw Aiza again. Her father, Martin, expressed love and support for her.

When Aiza proposed to her early this year, they said that they already expected people’s negative reactions. “Sa totoo lang, wala yun sa isip ko. Yung iniisip nila sa ’kin, hindi ko gaanong naiisip masyado kasi mas importante pa rin para sa akin yung kung saan ako magiging masaya,” Aiza said.

122614-aizaliza_main.jpgMeanwhile, Liza said, “I admit na bago lang ako sa mga issues ng LGBT. This is the first and only time that I got involved in a same-sex relationship. From the time that Aiza and I got together, we’ve always been supported by people around us so parang hindi ko masyadong naramdaman yung humps throughout our relationship until that happened. Dun biglang… kasi lumabas na siya, that’s when I realized na this is bigger than us, yung sitwasyon namin pala, you know, kasi it’s a society’s point of view about how our relationship is seen.”

When asked why they chose to get married abroad, Liza answered, “Contrary to what other people think na binabastos namin ang sanctity ng marriage because of that decision, our decision is basically, is totally opposite of that. We believe in the sanctity of marriage and we believe that marriage is a union and that’s a commitment of two people who wants to declare to each other that they’re going to be with each other for the rest of their lives. And that’s what we believe, that’s why we chose to be together. That’s why we got married.” Meanwhile, Aiza said, “I honestly don’t believe that mga same-sex couples here na ayaw nila, it’s just that wala lang silang avenue to do it.”

Also planning to get married in the Philippines, Liza said, “We are fully aware that it is still illegal here in the Philippines and what we’re doing is a blasphemy of how marriage is perceived here. But it’s a celebration of love, of our commitment to each other with family and friends and people we care about.” Aiza supported this by saying that as a human being, she has the right to love and show it to the person she loves.

Liza said that Aiza and her daughter are getting along well together. The couple also admitted wanting to have their own child through IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. “So ang mangyayari is, may kukunin kaming sperm donor and then pag harvest ng eggs ko, ifertilize nila through ano and then they’ll inject it to Liza,” said Aiza. Liza will be carrying the baby. Their target date is next year.

Liza’s father, Martin said that he admired Aiza when the singer asked his permission to marry his daughter as she assured him of their security.

Lastly, Aiza and Liza gave some advice to those in similar situations but do not have the courage to come out. “Gather your strength from people who love you. Sa mga tao na nakakaintindi sa ’yo. Hindi madali yung journey towards happiness pero kung maniniwala ka na in the end, magtatagumpay ang pagmamahal, magtatagumpay ang pagiging totoo sa sarili mo, wala silang choice but to embrace that eh.”