“Funny Guy” Kaloy Mojica completes Team Bamboo

Karlo Mojica’s performance wasn’t technically perfect but his funny adlibs and ‘heart’ won the coaches over.


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12/22/2014 12:00 AM
“Funny Guy” Kaloy Mojica completes Team Bamboo

122214-voice_main.jpgFor Team Bamboo, Karlo Mojica went head to head with Sean Oquendo with the reggae song “Rude.” All the coaches appreciated Karlo’s funny adlibs and his cut-through voice. Coach Bamboo took note of Sean’s suave voice but he went for “experience” and chose “funny guy Kaloy.”

For Team Sarah, it’s Poppert Bernadas  versus Jireh Singson. The two sang “I’ll never Go,” and although Coaches Bamboo and Apl chose Jireh’s performance over Poppert’s, Coach Sarah still went for Poppert because she said he is more seasoned and more ready for the competition.

For Team Apl, it’s Krystina Ng and Ferns Tosco with the song “Winner Takes It All.” The coaches felt both Krystina and Ferns were out of their comfort zone with the song chosen for them. In the end, Coach Apl went for Ferns because she has more experience and in the words of Coach Lea, “she stayed true to who she was.”

In another bout for Team Apl, it’s Abbey Pineda versus Alisah Bonaobra with the song “Unconditionally.” Coaches Lea and Sarah said it was Alisah’s voice cutting through the performance and Coach Bamboo also felt Alisah’s voice was cleaner. Coach Apl expressed relief that the girls set aside their differences to give the audience an “epic performance.” Just like the other coaches, Coach Apl went for Alisah.

Just when Abbey was saying goodbye from the competition and thanking Coach Apl,

Coach Lea surprised everyone when she pressed the steal button for Abbey.  

For Team Lea, it’s Julienne Caneda vs Charlie Catbagan with the song “Against All Odds.” Julienne, who is five months pregnant, had shortness of breath and it became apparent in her singing. All the judges felt that Charlie performed better and Coach Lea chose Charlie over Julienne.