Slater Young dismisses possible reconciliation with Rachelle Ann Go

Slater Young says he is happily single as of the moment.

Slater Young dismisses possible reconciliation with Rachelle Ann Go-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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12/11/2014 09:50 AM
Slater Young dismisses possible reconciliation with Rachelle Ann Go
121114-slater_main.jpgA week since finally admitting that he and Rachelle Ann Go became a couple some months back, Slater Young finally detailed what happened between them.

During a recent interview at the press conference of his first full-length film #Y, Slater shared that their decision to end their three-month relationship was mutual.

"No, more on mutual agreement. It's not working out and nahihirapan kami [with] the situation," Slater said.

The Cebuano hunk shared that they were a couple from January to March. It happened, "Right after she left (for London) we decided na medyo mahirap talaga. Maybe it's the time. Si God na lang muna ang bahala."

While Slater admitted there's a bit of regret that things didn't work out for them, “pero hindi naman natin pwedeng pilitin 'pag hindi talaga pwede."

But is it really over between the two of them? "Well we can never predict the future. We'll see, we'll see," he said. However he quickly added, "As of now I don't see it working out. Kumbaga na magkabalikan kami, but we'll never know."

Although their romance was considerably short, Slater underscored that they ended it pretty well. "Wala naman. We ended up pretty okay considering na usually pag nag-be-break up sala na, di na nagpapansinan. Okay naman kami. Friends parin kami," he said.

In fact, he and the Miss Saigon star even communicated when the latter recently went back to the Philippines for some commitments. But he admitted that they are not as close as they were before.

"Wala na masyado. When she was here we talked for a bit but not more than five minutes. Kamustahan lang and then wala na," he related.

In recent interviews, Slater has opened up that their breakup wasn't really caused by the distance. "It's more of the small things talaga. 'Pag minsan 'yung little things na hindi kayo magkasundo. Don 'yung hindi kayo nag-work," Slater reasoned.

While he's currently decided to set his love life aside, reports have it that Rachelle's is in full swing as there were rumors that he already has a boyfriend in London. "I hear things naman sometimes. But, I hope she's happy," he ended.