Denise Laurel reveals reason for her long engagement

Denise Laurel says she and fiancé Solomon Mercado are ‘taking our time’


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12/11/2014 5:00 AM
Denise Laurel reveals reason for her long engagement

121114-denise_main.jpgOn Aquino and Abunda Tonight, Denise Laurel said she used to be a workaholic but is now enjoying taking things at a slower pace. She also said she can’t do theater and acting at the same time because she believes in giving 200 percent to everything. 

Denise also shared the reason behind her “lil warrior” monicker for her son Alejandro. She recounted that she was already three months and a half into her pregnancy when she found out that she was carrying Alejandro and that she could lose him. Aside from complications during her pregnancy, Alejandro didn’t have prenatal care for the first three months and yet, Denise recalled, “kumapit pa rin siya.” Alejandro is now, according to the proud Mom, “big for his age and very strong.”

Asked about Alejandro relationship with her fiancé Solomon Mercado, Denise said, “God made them for each other.” Denise revealed that for some reason, Alejandro and Solomon are an even better “match” than Solomon and her.

Denise got engaged last year, but why are she and Solomon waiting for 2016 before they got hitched? Denise said, “We are taking our time. We are preparing and enjoying each other.” Solomon also assured her, “In my heart kasal na tayo e, follow your dreams and I’ll wait for you.”

Host Boy Abunda asked Denise if she’s comfortable with the fact that men find her sexy. Denise shied away from answering directly but she advised women to embrace their uniqueness because “that’s what’s beautiful.”