Dennis Trillo’s son hurt in a collision of school buses

Five students, among them Dennis’ Trillo’s son Calix, were hurt in a QC road accident


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11/4/2014 11:25 PM
Dennis Trillo’s son hurt in a collision of school buses

110414-dennis_main.jpgIn a report on, the 7- year-old son of Dennis Trillo to former girlfriend Carlene Aguilar, was among five students injured in a collision of two school buses at an intersection in Quezon City earlier today, November 4. 

Carlene took to her Instagram account and posted a photo showing the bruises incurred by her son Calix Andreas. She also aired her indignation at what happened. "Please always BE SAFE!!! Accidents happen ... STUPIDITY and recklessness kayang IWASAN!” 



Carlene also posted a CCTV footage of the accident. The caption of the video read: “"This happened kanina sa school service ng anak ko...buti nalang at gasgas at bukol lang sa ulo meron ang anak ko ...sana lang tlga managot ang mga dapat managot at dapat hindi mabilis magpatakbo ang mga school bus drivers dahil may mga pasahero silang mga bata..... thank you Lord safe anak ko pero im still praying sa mga batang lubhang nasugatan sa aksidenteng ito! #huwagtularan"



There were a total of 9 people hurt from the collision and reports said no one was seriously injured. 

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