Andi Eigenmann reveals reason for turning down Bret Jackson

Andi Eigenmann on turning down Bret Jackson: 'Hindi naman 'ata ako masamang tao just because hindi kami nagkatuluyan.'


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11/29/2014 8:32 AM
Andi Eigenmann reveals reason for turning down Bret Jackson

112914-andi_main.jpgA few weeks since Bret Jackson's best friend James Reid broke the news that Andi Eigenmann turned his friend down, Andi finally opened up about what made her say “no” to her former Pinoy Big Brother Teen housemate.

In an interview during the story conference of her upcoming film with Bret titled Your Place or Mine, Andi clarified that they remain friends despite the incident.

"I know na yung dating isyu lumabas, pero the thing is we’re still friends. Hindi lang 'yung lumalabas sa news 'yun lang ang nangyayari sa amin. Siyempre, behind it, alam niyo 'yun, nag-uusap pa rin kami,” Andi shared.

Moreover, Andi underscored that she and Bret need not have a formal conversation about what happened between them because, as she said, there are just things that are just not that meant to be. This was especially true since she was going through something in her life at the time that he was pursuing her.

Andi confessed that part of what she was going through then was her tumultuous relationship with longtime boyfriend Jake Ejercito. “Bret and I still being friends, [it] just goes to show how mature he is. Na parang, ‘Kung hindi, e di hindi. Bakit ako magagalit?’" Andi explained.

Furthermore, Andi thinks that her decision to turn down Bret is a non-issue saying that, "I mean, hindi naman 'ata ako masamang tao just because hindi kami nagkatuluyan or na-put on hold yung nangyari. Hindi ibig sabihin masama na akong tao." 

Did she turn him down because she still wasn't ready to get into another relationship? “At that time, yes, of course, marami akong pinagdadaanan sa buhay ko nun, relationship-wise or not. Ayoko nang nagmamadali. I don’t want to jump into something that I know I’m not ready for," she explained.