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Isabelle Daza is excited to work with Gerald Anderson

Isabelle Daza says she witnessed Gerald Anderson’s transformation

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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11/25/2014 07:16 AM
Isabelle Daza is excited to work with Gerald Anderson
112514-belle2_main.jpgOn Aquino and Abunda Tonight, Isabelle Daza said she decided to be a Kapamilya because she wanted a new challenge and a chance to hone her acting skills.

Host Boy Abunda told Isabelle that he’s a fan of the way she acts and that he could still remember some of her scenes in Lihis. Isabelle said she personally believes “you’re only as good as your director” and that she’s blessed to have worked with good directors like Cathy Garcia Molina who cured her of her habit of pouting.

Asked what her acting style is, Isabelle said she doesn’t like “over acting.” Her mom Gloria Diaz always tells her to “say it with your eyes.” Under her mom’s tutelage, Isabelle is also not fond of big gestures when she acts. 

But who is the better actor between her and her Mom? Isabelle laughed and said, “You should ask her that. I don’t think I’ve had enough experience.” 

Isabelle also recounted a conversation she had with her mom. One time Isabelle was complaining to her mom about not having enough sleep for three days because of her workload, to which her mom replied, “that’s why I’m telling you to save your money, don’t be materialistic.” To this Isabel quipped, “I’ll just marry rich.” Her mom then told her, “The money goes, the monkey stays.” Isabel said this advice encompasses love, money, marriage, and just about everything.

Isabelle also admitted to a time when her mom was feeling “protective” of her and she threw a fit during one of Isabelle’s shoot. Isabelle said her Mom felt protective because she wasn’t “covered well” and there were many men in the room. She recounted how her mom screamed at the team doing the shoot and hurled a box of popcorn across the room. 

Boy also asked Isabelle whether her dad is gay. He said people are wondering because of a Facebook status he posted. Isabelle laughed at the question and said her dad saying he was gay on Facebook was just his way of “spicing up his Facebook activity.”

Isabelle is excited to work with Gerald Anderson in a teleserye slated to air in January 2015. She said she admires Gerald as an actor because she witnessed Gerald’s transformation from being an “AmBoy” with an accent in PBB to his remarkable performance in On The Job.