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Jewel Mische takes pride in ‘no kiss, no sex’ deal with fiancé

Jewel maintains that she and her fiance Alister would only kiss after they say their marriage vows.


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11/3/2014 2:12 AM
Jewel Mische takes pride in ‘no kiss, no sex’ deal with fiancé

110314-jewel_main.jpgWhile many might scoff at her and her fiance Alister Kurzer’s belief, engaged Kapamilya star Jewel Mische says she is happy that they both share the same idea in putting off physical intimacy before their wedding.

Jewel shared about it during her live appearance on the Sunday episode of The Buzz and said, “I’ve been saying nga na it’s impossible but I was so shocked when it came from him. Kasi po Alister and I, we believe that sex is God’s wedding present which means that sexual intercourse or the physical and emotional union of two people should be a means of celebrating love to bearing children and experiencing pleasure together protected by the commitment of marriage.”

Although their belief seems to be admirable for some, Jewel is well aware that others might react negatively to the fact that she is very vocal about their “deal.”

“Well I hear some people say na ‘Why do have to announce it? Why do you talk about it? Why do you brag about it?’ It’s because I want to share that it’s still possible. That men like Alister still exist,” she said.

If anything, Jewel recognizes the fact that she hasn’t been perfect in her past relationships and that it was the very reason why she and Alister decided to come up with their decision.

“We are both grounded and we’ve always believed na sex is for married people. But we also messed up in the past but now that we have found each other, we are willing to pursue what we think is right. Like we will do everything to reach that goal,” Jewel explained.

In a taped interview aired on The Buzz, Alister recounted how they met and how he proposed to her which happened December last year. Furthermore, he also gave a parting message for his soon-to-be bride which said: “I can’t wait to kiss you and enjoy our honeymoon together.”

To this, Jewel explained that aside from sex, they have also put off kissing each other.

“And ito na we believe that everything starts with kissing, like it opens the doorway. It’s the doorway to physical intimacy. So sabi namin, if we can wait also to kiss then let’s wait and then we held each other,” said the Christian actress.

What’s best about their deal, Jewel says, is that they are both “helping” each other to achieve it.

“It’s easier for us right now [since we are together] because before [kasi] we were in the wrong kind of relationship. Kailangan kasi if you want that kailangan pareho kayo ng beliefs, pareho kayo ng conviction. And now we’re helping each other to achieve that,” she ended.