Cristine Reyes explains why she kept mum about her pregnancy

Cristine Reyes says her pregnancy was planned

Cristine Reyes explains why she kept mum about her pregnancy-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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11/16/2014 11:20 PM
Cristine Reyes explains why she kept mum about her pregnancy
111614-cristine_main.jpgOn The Buzz 15, Cristine Reyes revealed more details about her pregnancy. Earlier today, November 16, the actress announced her pregnancy after her production number on ASAP

Cristine said she kept mum about her pregnancy during the first trimester because she wasn’t sure that she and the baby were “a hundred percent safe.” The doctor, according to Cristine, advised bed rest because she was bleeding. Cristine also said that’s the reason why she could not work that time.

The first person who learned about her pregnancy was Ali Kahtibi, her boyfriend and the father of her baby. Cristine recounted how she and Ali did a pregnancy test twice in a day. They did it in the morning and were saddened because they tested negative. In the evening, when they repeated the test, they were beside themselves with joy because the result was finally positive. They then shared the good news to their family and friends. Luckily for them, both their family and friends respected their decision to keep things under wraps and kept their secret well. Cristine said they were very happy with the result because the pregnancy, contrary to speculations, “was planned.” 

Host Boy Abunda also disproved talks that Cristine and Ali had only been two months together before Cristine got pregnant. Boy said, I met him (Ali) as early as 2012.” Cristine, as of now, is craving ginataang bilo-bilo. “Yung may langka,” Cristine added. In the first few months, she said, she craved turon and pizza. Ali’s family has been very supprotive of Cristine. “Yung family niya, lahat ng food binibigay sa akin .” The actress shared that Ali’s mom is taking good care of her.

Asked whether she had given a thought to what her plans are after her pregnancy, Cristine said, “babalik at babalik po ako (sa pag-aartista.) Cristine is confident that her ABS-CBN and Viva family will give her projects after her pregnancy. For former sexy star, pregnancy is a blessing and not something that she has to worry about. After all, Cristine is “happy and contented” with what she’s achieved in her career and personal life.

Cristine also confirmed she has “ipon.” And to further prove that this girl doesn’t rush headlong into anything, Cristine revealed that she and Ali are attending marriage counseling. “Hindi naman po lagi marriage kaagad, dapat kailangan may knowledge ka sa papasukin mo.”