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Julia Barretto on new love team partner Iñigo Pascual: ‘Magaan loob ko sa kanya’

Julia Barretto signs a new multi-picture deal with Star Cinema.

Julia Barretto on new love team partner Iñigo Pascual: ‘Magaan loob ko sa kanya’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/13/2014 10:11 AM
Julia Barretto on new love team partner Iñigo Pascual: ‘Magaan loob ko sa kanya’
111314-julia_main.jpgJulia Barretto was excited to be welcomed into the Star Cinema family last November 12 when she signed a multi-picture contract in the presence of Malou Santos, Johnny “Mr. M.” Manahan, and her mother Marjorie Barretto. “I’m so excited kasi this has been a dream of mine to sign a contract under Star Cinema and then it’s a multi-picture contract so I’m really excited and I’m very thankful. It’s a dream come true,” she admitted.

Julia said another teleserye project is also in the works as well. “So far meron ng na-present na story pero up to this day I’m still really praying na matuloy siya siguro next year.”

Julia also shared updates on filming her first movie Para sa Hopeless Romantic with Inigo Pascual, James Reid, and Nadine Lustre. “We’re almost done actually. We’ve been shooting since last month and Inigo’s my partner here so we’re both almost done with the film,” she shared.

The 17-year-old actress says she has gotten along well with Piolo Pascual’s son. “It’s very fun kasi sobrang bait ni Inigo, madali siyang makasama, magaan loob ko sa kanya. And for a first timer, Inigo is really good. Yung pressure to deliver we get to talk about it because we’re under the same pressure. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we really get along as well kasi we understand each other and by that, we know how we feel, we have each other’s backs and we’re able to help each other and make each other feel confident,” she added.

Now that she has a movie contract, does this mean Julia is one step closer to her secret wish of being the leading lady of Sam Milby one day? “Yes! (laughs). Everybody knows he’s my celebrity crush so sino bang may ayaw makatrabaho ang crush? (laughs). But I am so open with working with anybody. That’s how I’m going to grow as an actor myself. So kahit sino okay lang basta may trabaho. Siyempre as an artist you have a lot of dream projects but one of them siguro I want to do rom-com of course since I’m very young pa also. Pero drama also, I want to get to that point as well,” she said.

Julia is also happy about the success of Forevermore which features her Mirabella leading man Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano. “I’m friends with both of them and I’m really, really happy for both of them. Siyempre kapag kaibigan mo gusto mo successful ang career nila and I’m very happy for them,” she says.
111314-julia_main.jpgComing from a high-profile showbiz clan, Julia said she has learned to weather all the intrigues and nasty rumors thrown at her. “Siguro it’s also the way I was raised by my mom, I grew up seeing all these things happen to them so in a way I saw how they handled it themselves. So nung nangyayari na sa akin siyempre meron na akong mga naging role models on how to handle those situations, yung mga criticism, pag directed sa akin na. I don’t know, I think the business will make you grow, will make you mature and make you stronger as a person so siguro sa one year ko sa business na I can say na I’ve become a stronger person and I’m more mature now than I was when I entered,” she admitted.

Now that she has started planning for her debut celebration in March 2015, Julia said it is an exciting time for her. “Yay I’m turning 18 na! We’re four months away and I’m so excited to be 18. Meron na kaming mga plano pero I don’t want to give out too much details kasi gusto ko surprise siya, so I’m not even saying the theme, not a clue. Siguro little clues pero not full-on. It’s very me. It will represent me,” she shared.

Even when it comes to divulging who her escort will be, Julia said she will keep mum for now. “Parang feeling ko, yun lang yung night na sa akin lang talaga so gusto ko ako lang rin yung mag-own ng night na yun. Definitely I will have 18 candles and 18 roses pero it’s not going to be as traditional as the usual debuts,” she said.