Sharon pays tribute to her mom Elaine Cuneta

Sharon pays tribute to her mom Elaine Cuneta-EJ Salut
EJ Salut


11/11/2014 10:24 AM
Sharon pays tribute to her mom Elaine Cuneta
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Sharon Cuneta - Pangilinan wrote in her Instagram account, "From her I got my face, my arms, my clavicles (:-)), my skin, my hands and fingers, my manners. I didn't get her pagka-vanidosa (healthily vain, not conceitedly!) or her legs, and her feet and toes are (a bit:-)) prettier than mine. We are different in our ways of thinking (I have taken after my father in that area). She has always been a señorita/señora (Daddy's fault -- he spoiled her and never wanted her to work!), and though she and my Daddy gave me everything that probably spoiled me, they made sure I didn't turn out to be a brat. In fact, I turned out to be a hard worker, refusing to depend on anyone for my bread and butter, and the things I want as well as need. From them both I believe I got a "big" heart. From them both I learned how to get along with people of all kinds of social standing -- (often) respecting, sometimes learning from the mistakes of those above us, and to be kind and just as respectful to those less fortunate than we. To "see" people not by what they have but instead, by their hearts. She is "masungit" but nice, and I was born smiling and friendly! She was born first, I was born last. She taught me how to cook, she played the piano while I sang. She is funny, so my brother and I are, too. She is my mother. Elaine Gamboa-Cuneta. And I love her very much."