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Angelica Panganiban's interview inspired Mary Jolly to file concubinage case against Derek Ramsay

Mary Christine filed a concubinage case against estranged husband Derek on Wednesday afternoon

Maureen Marie Belmonte

Twitter: @MissHappyWriter


10/09/2014 02:16 PM
Angelica Panganiban's interview inspired Mary Jolly to file concubinage case against Derek Ramsay
100914-angelica_main.jpgFollowing what she has hinted at a few months ago, Mary Christine Jolly on Wednesday filed a concubinage complaint against her estranged husband Derek Ramsay and even dragged his ex-girlfriend Angelica Panganiban into the fray.
In a report by ABS-CBN News on Wednesday afternoon, Jolly cited an undated StarStudio article as the "biggest factor" why she filed the case.
While Jolly had already heard "rumors and speculations" about the degree of Ramsay and Panganiban's six-year relationship, she was never really able to confirm them until she read the magazine article, which for her were enough evidence to file a complaint.
In the said feature, according to the report, the Banana Split star apparently revealed that she and Ramsay had decided to move in together during the second year of their relationship.
Although she didn't go into the details, the report also added that Jolly confirmed that Panganiban was aware of the hunk star's marriage while she was in a relationship with him.
In a statement given to Push.com.ph, Panganiban's legal counsel Atty. Francis Aguilar noted that Angelica would rather wait for a copy of the compliant first before commenting about it. But he assured that, the actress-comedienne would respond accordingly once a copy has been furnished to their camp.

Under Article 334 of the Revised Penal Code, concubinage can be filed against a husband "who shall keep a mistress in the conjugal dwelling, or shall have sexual intercourse, under scandalous circumstances, with a woman who is not his wife, or shall cohabit with her in any other place."

Another ground for filing was the woman's apparent knowledge of the man's married status.

If found guilty, the husband may be imprisoned from six months to six years, while the mistress may be prohibited from being within 25 kilometers of the husband for a specified length of time.

Please see below excerpts of the magazine feature which could have influenced Jolly's decision as quoted by a separate ABS-CBN News report:

On deciding to live together:
"On the second year of their relationship [...] Derek suggested to Angelica that they live together in one house and transform their relationship into a setup just like that of a husband and wife.

"The idea was not something Angelica immediately embraced with open arms. It should be recalled that before this, all she knew of love as the adolescent kind. But since she was drunk with love, she closed her eyes and agreed to the arrangement. 'Gagawin ko lahat, 'wag mo lang akong hiwalayan,' was her running thought."

"Her mother Annabelle helped her fix the house on the day she moved in, Derek being away on an assignment. 'Naaalala ko nung first night ko dun sa house namin... iyak ako nang iyak,' she says. 'Tapos nagdadasal ako, 'Tama ba 'tong ginagawa ko?'"

On deciding to live apart:
"On their fourth year, things began to turn sour. Angelica asked her mother Annabelle to find a house near hers where she could eventually transfer. The house in south Metro Manila, which Angelica and Derek had preened for so long, was unravelling.

"In her mind, for the relationship to continue, they had to face the reality of living away from each other. 'Kung itutuloy namin yung relasyon, hindi ko na kayang kasama pa siya.' Little did she know that a bigger, more debilitating blow to their relationship was just biding its time, waiting for the right moment to strike."

On the first rumors of Ramsay's marriage:
"On July 29, 2011, Ginger Conejero reported in TV Patrol that Derek Ramsay had purportedly gotten married to a certain Mary Christine Jolly on April 3, 2002. A certain Mayor Reinaldo Castro allegedly officiated the wedding. As proof, a screenshot of their National Statistics Office (NSO)-certified marriage contract was televised.

"Angelica's reply to the issue was brief: 'Siyempre gusto naming harapin na masaya, di ba? So tina-try namin ang best namin na labanan ito.'

On Panganiban's knowledge of the marriage:
"Cris Navarro, Angelica's handler, says the actress had warned her, several months prior, that this news would erupt. 'Matagal mo na itong alam?' asked Cris. 'Oo naman, tita. Bago ako pumasok sa relationship na ito, alam ko naman yan. At saka sa akin naman, hindi naman ako pumasok na para sirain ang family. Bago naman siya, meron namang girlfriend di ba?' 'Basta tanggap mo, wala akong problema.'"