Piolo Pascual opens up about break-up with KC Concepcion

Piolo Pascual confesses that he was not in favor of KC’s break-up interview on national television.


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10/7/2014 5:58 PM
Piolo Pascual opens up about break-up with KC Concepcion

100714-piolo_main.jpgPiolo Pascual finally opened up about his whirlwind romance with KC Concepcion, three years after their break-up in the recent E! News Asia Feature of the actor. But Piolo was quick to comment that that he was not aware that his confessions would be aired. 

"As much as possible ayaw ko nang magsalita about it. We didn't know what was going to come out. When I was interviewed, no, no, no, anything about her (pertaining to KC). I didn't know what they were going to release it," he said in an interview with the press at the Sunpiology Fun Run presscon on Monday. He added, "I said what I said. Huwag na nating palakihin 'yon. Para sa akin two years na 'yon."

In his tell-all interview with E! News, Piolo said that he was not in favor of KC resorting to being interviewed on national TV by The Buzz after their controversial break-up. "Either way, she was going to come out with it, and you know what I felt? I felt bad for her, because she didn't have to resort to that." He confessed, “I still love her, you know, with all my heart, but it's just something that she did that I wish she didn't do.”

Piolo is currently single and he revealed to the reporters in the Sunpiology event that he would not be dating until his son Iñigo hits 18 years old. “Ang agreement naman namin when he's 18 pwede na. I kinda broke his heart before because I promised him something and I didn't do it. So after that, I said I'm keeping my word up until your 18. That's the only time I'll get into a relationship so I'm keeping my word. So, whoever I choose when the time comes nasa akin na 'yon. Hindi naman siya ang makikisama."