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Ruffa to mom Annabelle: 'You have crossed the line'

Ruffa Gutierrez lamented that her mom Annabelle Rama ‘tried to be funny’ at her expense.

Ruffa to mom Annabelle: 'You have crossed the line'-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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10/26/2014 09:24 PM
Ruffa to mom Annabelle: 'You have crossed the line'
102614-anabelle_main.jpgTwitterverse went abuzz on Sunday afternoon due to the scathing twitter tirade between mother-and-daughter Annabelle Rama and Ruffa Gutierrez.

Ruffa took to her Twitter account to rationalize why she walked out from the recently-concluded birthday bash of her mother in 71 Gramercy after supposedly being embarrassed by the latter in front of their family and friends.

“It doesn't mean that just because you are a mother you have the right to be BASTOS and embarrass your child in front of people! Excuse me not only in front of people but in front of family & friends at an intimate dinner party. I am a mother too! And I would never do that!!” she blurted out.

She added, “I walked out because you have crossed the line! You tried to be funny at my expense! Kung Ikaw walang hiya, bigyan mo naman ng kahit konting hiya at respeto ang pamilya mo! What u did is not normal.”

Turns out, after their encounter only one person reached out to ask how she was.

She revealed, “Oh & guess what? No one even called or asked me if I was fine. Only 1 person. Thank you to my dearest @SarahLahbati for reaching out and for sincerely being concerned for me. I value your friendship.”

Earlier that day, the feisty talent manager took to her Twitter account to chastise Ruffa about the new man in her life.

Akala mo sa pag walk-out mo sa birthday dinner ko last night nasira ang gabi ko? Hindi!!! Tuloy pa rin ang saya. Hindi ako nakikialam sa buhay mo. As a mother I have all the rights to give advice sa naliligaw na landas kong anak,” she began.

Annabelle even revealed that Ruffa’s choice of men has been their problem for the longest time so much so that she even asked, “mahirap bang humanap ng guy na stable? May degree, businessman, naghahanapbuhay?”

Hindi ka naman namin pinalaki ng Daddy mo at pinag-aral sa best schools para lang pumatol sa mga P.G,” Annabelle pointed out.

She even coaxed her daughter to “Wake up!!!” since “It's not too late yet.”

Sayang ang beauty mo at pagiging matalino mo. Waste of time yang mga P.G na yan,” Annabelle wrote.

Annabelle’s ire even led her to address another constant issue that she and Ruffa have apparently been having disagreement about in the past.

Palagi mong sinasabi kung bakit ako pumatol sa Daddy mong gwapo. You always compare me to you. Daddy is Handsome, Hardworking and 10 years older than me at marunong mag hanapbuhay,” she said.

In parting, the Gutierrez matriarch challenged Ruffa to ask her nameless flame to watch that night’s episode of their show for a reason.

Gustong-gusto mo siyang manood every Sunday sa #ittakesgutztobeagutierrez Sya naman ang lagu kong pinariringgan. Okay lang ba sa kanya? Well, tell him to watch again tonight 9pm. Imposibleng hindi pa rin sya ma-discourage sa kabastusan ng nanay mo... #GUTonE,” Annabelle said.

A little later that Sunday, Ruffa sadly shared how it “hurts” to fight with someone you love on her Twitter account.

She posted, “When you fight with someone you love, it hurts. You're angry, upset, say things that you don't mean. You want to take them back but can't. You're feeling sad...remorseful. Yet you remind yourself that you're just speaking up and taking a stand. After all you're not 16 anymore.”