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Ellen Adarna on doing a nude scene: 'Why not?'

Ellen Adarna also speaks out about leaked photos from a magazine shoot.

Kristhoff Cagape


10/24/2014 09:26 AM
Ellen Adarna on doing a nude scene: 'Why not?'
102414-ellen_main.jpgEllen Adarna said that she is open to doing a nude scene. In an interview with the sexy actress during the Ginebra San Miguel press launch, she stated that if it’s a good project and the role calls for her to go nude, she would do it.

"If it's required sa role and the script is really good I will do it. Actually dito lang naman sa Pilipinas na parang ano ‘yung mga tao ‘Ay nag nude siya’ ganon. In Hollywood it’s part of the craft, I mean if it makes me a better actor, why not?"

She also finally spoke out about her leaked photos from a magazine shoot. According to Ellen, if there is one thing she has learned from the incident, it's that she will already be bringing a contract the next time she has a sexy shoot. "I think next time dapat may dala na kaming kontrata. On my part, it’s also my fault kasi walang kontrata but next time I have to have a contract," she said.

She added that she got offended when the photos were leaked but she chose to move on. "I felt violated but I got over it. I was professional, I did my job, I was on time there, I delivered, unfortunately s*** happens and someone didn’t do their jobs so hindi ako ang may kasalanan."

Did she regret doing the shoot? "I don't regret it. If anything I’ve learned kailangan next time may kontrata na pala." Ellen relayed that together with her lawyer, she is already dealing with the matter internally among the people involved in the shoot.

Ellen also clarified the rumors that she has a sex video. "Wala, sana lumabas na yan matagal na. Wala talaga, praning ako sa mga ganyan. Hindi talaga, after all that happened, after all sa mga scandals na yan hindi talaga.”