Luis Manzano admits he’s an ‘exhibitionist’

Luis Manzano says he just likes to entertain people.

Luis Manzano admits he’s an ‘exhibitionist’-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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10/24/2014 07:59 AM
Luis Manzano admits he’s an ‘exhibitionist’
102414-luis_main.jpgOn Aquino and Abunda Tonight, Luis Manzano reacted to being introduced as the “sexiest man” by the host Boy Abunda. He joked, “Truer words have never been spoken.” Luis said that he is just playing when he claims he’s sexy and “gwapo.” In fact, he said, “Hindi ako gwapo.” And he only claims to be sexy and gwapo to make people laugh and “mangulit ng tao.”

Luis also responded to being called “exhibitionist” by Wenn Deramas, the director of Luis’s upcoming moving, Moron 5.2 The Transformation. “I think the perfect ice breaker is a naked body.” He shared that when he goes inside a room and everyone is serious, one of the things he bares is his butt. “I’ll sacrifice my butt for that, I’ll take one for the team.”

About the second season of The Voice of the Philippines that’s airing, soon Luis revealed, “Hindi biro ang galing ng mga tumapak ng season two.” 

Luis also admitted that a lot of people are trying to persuade him to run in the 2016 elections. “The door is unbelievably open, gusto nila at kailangan nila.” Luis said he is thinking about it, but that no one is influencing him about politics. He said he is clear that his parents and his girlfriend Angel Locsin are there to support him but that he will be making the decision to run or not to run on his own.

On his plans for settling down with girlfriend Angel, Luis said he hopes it will be real soon but as of now he’s still allowing Angel to give time to her commitments. Luis said Angel will still do Darna and a movie with his mom Governor Vilma Santos.