Guji Lorenzana on non-showbiz girlfriend: ‘I think she's the one’

Guji Lorenzana admits he is thinking of settling down soon.

Guji Lorenzana on non-showbiz girlfriend: ‘I think she's the one’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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10/23/2014 06:40 AM
Guji Lorenzana on non-showbiz girlfriend: ‘I think she's the one’
102314-gugii_main.jpgAs he gears up to reprise the lead role of Danny Zucko in the local adaptation of the Broadway hit Grease staged by 9 Works Theatrical, Guji Lorenzana admitted he is challenged by performing in live theater. “Natakot ako. I was so scared. I was so nervous kasi hindi ako sanay. Hindi ako sanay sa mga sayaw, choreographed moves. Siyempre sa ASAP iba yun eh, iba yung type ng dancing dun. This type of dancing here in Grease is not just theatrical, it's ‘50s pa. It's not part of my comfort zone to be a dancer and siyempre I'm a bit afraid but the cast has been so supportive and I'm hoping that I still shine in other places,” he revealed during the Grease Manila press conference held last October 21 at the Amorsolo Square in Rockwell, Makati. 

After his breakup with Two Wives actress Kaye Abad earlier this year, Guji said it's all in the past and. “Ako I 've completely moved on. I've actually just waiting to see if we can all hang out again. Kasi na-mi-miss ko rin sila. We were really close, lahat kami super close nila Paul Jake (Castillo), ako, si Kaye and the group. Now I'm separate from them and I miss them. So maybe, if they read this or something, they can decide to call me up or text me tapos hang out,” he shared.

The 34-year-old singer-actor admitted that even when he was still dating Kaye, he had noticed how close Paul Jake was to her. “Well as a boyfriend, when you look back, sasabihin ko yung totoo, siyempre you're wondering, 'Wow, medyo close sila’ but I'm not going to judge or say to Kaye na bawal ka maging friends with someone else. And friend ko rin naman si Paul Jake at that time and I'm still friends pa rin with him ngayon. Siguro I just hope, when it all ended, na nag-open up siya sa akin na may gusto siya kay Kaye. But it's okay, it's over now,” he added.

Guji also defended his ex-girlfriend from people who thought she two-timed him or was ashamed of him when they were together. “I don't know, I think that's obvious naman eh (laughs). I don't think she was ashamed, she just wasn't ready. Medyo touchy yung subject eh. All I know is that she wasn't ready then. Now she is so I'm happy for her that she's ready to do all of that,” he said.

The talented singer said his view on love has not changed. “I've always been jaded because before naging kami ni Kaye and before I moved to the Philippines engaged na ako to be married and then nag-fail yun kasi niloko niya ako. And then I moved to the Philippines since I wanted to find myself. Then after that I got into relationships, I said, 'Sige, I don't care. I'm still going to give my all,'” he said.

If there's any lesson he has picked up from his past relationships, Guji said it is to be more levelheaded when it comes to love. “I think what I learned from that is for myself not to love so strong and so hard. It's unfair but you should save a little something for yourself. Just protect yourself. I'm very independent naman but I think I lost myself because I loved too much. So you have to keep that something for yourself,” he said.

The Grease star admitted he is very content with his non-showbiz girlfriend of six months Cheska Nolasco. “I'm happy now. She's non-showbiz, an interior designer. She's very supportive and she's a very prominent designer in that field. We got together April 21 so lately lang. She was designing something for my cousin's new business and our common friends lang I met her through them. The first single I'm going to release with my band is about her. You should hear it on the radio very soon, in mga one to two weeks it will be coming out,” he said.

Guji said he is happy Cheska has met his family abroad already. “I think she's the one. We went to the States a few weeks ago, I just finished a movie with Cinema One Originals. Before naging busy ako sabi ko kailangan mag-States because the next time I'll be able to go back is next year pa. So nag-States ako for two and a half weeks. I decided to bring my girlfriend para ma-meet niya yung parents ko and everything just clicked. She was so supportive of me, she's not ashamed of me, she pushes me always, we cry and laugh about the same things, we joke about the same things. She loves my friends, I love her friends. Everything clicks so sana ito na. At saka I'm at the age na kailangan na natin to find (laughs),” he said.

Watch Guji Lorenzana along with Tippy Dos Santos, Antoinette Taus, Steven Silva, and Rafa Siguion-Reyna in Grease the musical presented by 9 Works Theatrical from November 15 to December 7 at the RCBC Plaza, Makati. For ticket inquiries, call 586-7105 or 0917-554-5560.