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Richard Gomez says he would do Coco Martin’s runway walk if it was offered to him

Richard maintains that Bench shouldn’t have apologized over The Naked Truth

Maureen Marie Belmonte

Twitter: @MissHappyWriter


10/02/2014 05:29 PM
Richard Gomez says he would do Coco Martin’s runway walk if it was offered to him
100214-richard_main.jpgIf the same controversial circus act done by Coco Martin on Bench’s recently-concluded The Naked Truth fashion show was offered to Richard Gomez, the veteran actor says he would have done it too.

In fact, Richard, in an interview during the press conference of his film The Janitor, felt that there is no need for Bench and its owner Ben Chan to apologize over the incident.

Recall that the local clothing brand as well as actor Coco Martin was put in hot water by various factions after their denim and underwear fashion show supposedly “commoditized” women as mere sex objects.

It was Coco’s particular segment which raised clamor wherein he entered the stage dragging a "pet" only it wasn't a real animal but a woman acting as one while on a leash. 

To this, Richard maintained, “Dapat hindi siya mag-sorry. Walang dapat mag-sorry. Maraming mga importanteng bagay na dapat nating bigyan ng focus. Eto ine-entertain nila tayo kumbaga pinapakita nila kung ano ang fashion this season.”

According to him, whatever was seen on the show was nothing but a “show” so much so that he even brazenly noted that the factions making a fuss over the show are merely doing it for lip service. 

“This is my opinion. Alam naman natin na malapit na ang eleksyon. So ‘yun mga party list groups sila ‘yung mga maiingay, naghahanap ng issue. Ganon lang ka-simple ‘yun,” he said. 

What about the supposed malice that the particular segment implies?

Wala. Eh papano kung lalaki ang tinali natin. ‘Di ba meron bang rightist group para sa mga lalaki? Wala. It’s a show. It’s a circus,” he then supplied.

The Janitor star even called for the ending of this controversy saying that, “Bench is a good brand. Bench is very helpful to a lot of people. Bench is one of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. Bench is doing this for us.”

Richard likewise belied the online speculations that the “oppressive” theme of this year’s show was supposedly precipitated by the fact that it was directed by a foreigner as opposed to the ones prior which was organized by a local team.

“It’s a show. Lagi naman na may foreign technical group involved kapag gumagawa ang Bench.,” he said emphasized that, “So para sa akin dapat tigilan na natin ito, ‘wag na nating palakihin. Unless gusto niyong pasikatin pa ang Bench pero other than that kung naghahanap lang para pasikatin ‘yung mga party list groups na maiingay,wag na.

If anything, the renowned heartthrob reiterated that legislators should rather give attention to the rampancy of hired killers in the country which happens to be the plot of their film. He went on to speculate that once their movie hits the mainstream theaters a lot of police officers would probably cry foul about it.

Marami kasi totoo naman. Etong Janitor nangyayari sa totoong buhay ito, bakit hindi niyo bigyan ng pansin. Buhay ang pinapatay dito bakit hindi pagtuunan ng pansin?” he asked.

Richard, along with Dennis Trillo, Alex Medina, Sunshine Garcia, LJ Reyes, Ynez Veneracion and Nicco Manalo are starring in the award-winning indie film The Janitor by director Michael Tuviera which will hit the theaters on October 8.