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Laarni Enriquez reacts to children Jake and Jerika Ejercito’s controversial relationships

Laarni tries to answer issues about her children’s controversial relationships.


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10/19/2014 9:54 PM
Laarni Enriquez reacts to children Jake and Jerika Ejercito’s controversial relationships

101914-laarni_main.jpgFormer actress Laarni Enriquez has finally spoken up to the much-talked about love interests of her children Jake and Jerika Ejercito with Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada.

In a taped interview aired on The Buzz on Sunday, Laarni first spoke about Jerika’s relationship with actor Bernard Palanca with whom she had her first son Isaah with.

Reports have it that Mayor Erap doesn’t approve of Bernard for Jerika and that in fact they have not even met each other in person.

Well every family has their own ano ‘di ba? Nothing is perfect in this world. In God’s time,” said Laarni.

She also explained that the former president was vocal in his disagreement for Jerika to get married.

In a separate interview also aired on The Buzz, Jerika as well as Bernard both understood where the Manila Mayor is coming from.

Well you know it’s normal lang naman for every father like I said, I wish things were different. Sana nagpakasal muna and all that stuff. Kung sa akin lang ganon din ang gusto ko but it didn’t happen and I’m here now,” said Jerika.

She emphasized that it’s “normal” for her dad to feel bad, but, like her mother, she remains positive that “in God’s time alam ko mangyayari. Hindi naman kami nagmamadalli.”

Bernard for his part assured that he would bring Jerika to the altar soon.

Like I keep saying and I tell everyone. But before I do I have to get her dad’s blessing until I get that then there’s not gonna be any wedding,” he said.

Instead of feeling bad over Mayor Erap’s disapproval, Bernard reiterates that he understands his reservations saying that, “My mother raised me well to know that you have to know what you want in life and if you do want something in life you do spend the rest of your life with that person you have to get the approval of her family.”

Jake is still studying. He needs to finish his course,” said Laarni when asked about the recent controversy about Jake and Andi.

According to her, Jake, is really not allowed to have a girlfriend yet since “magta-trabaho muna siya.

So she doesn’t approve of Andi for her son?

Jake is still young and Andi is still young and Andi is still busy with her own career,” she responded, not directly answering the question.

The young Ejercito recently took to his Twitter account to speak up about the photo he posted and to admit his fault over his break up with Andi. He even called her his “true love,” a term which his mother countered by saying, “I think every son, ang true love nila mga mommies. Am I right? So I’m the true love of Jake. That I can really hold on to. “