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Jackie Forster considers Filipino audience ‘narrow-minded’ over estrangement issue with sons

Jackie Forster takes credit over the recent drafting of estranged son Kobe Paras to UCLA Bruins.


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10/15/2014 12:29 PM
Jackie Forster considers Filipino audience ‘narrow-minded’ over estrangement issue with sons

101514-Jakie_main.jpgA few days since asserting that she doesn’t want to be “tagged” on articles about her son Kobe Paras, the newest member of the UCLA Bruins, Jackie Forster backpedaled and claimed that her genes have contributed, in a way, to her son’s current success.

"The bigger he gets the more credit I will get. I have majority stakes in his genetic makeup. The basketball yes from his father but athleticism will also come from me!" she said in her Instagram post on Tuesday.

Jackie believes that the American audience, unlike the “narrow-minded” Filipinos, won’t deny her of her rights as a mother to Kobe.

“The audience in the US are not as narrow minded as those judgmental ones in the Philippines so those people will not deny me as his mother. I am a US citizen that was denied my rights as a mother in the Philippines,” she wrote.

The former actress currently has a strained relationship not only with Kobe but with her other son Andre. While she remains positive that they would eventually come around and reconnect with her, Jackie has expressed hopelessness that her former partner Benjie Paras, the father of her sons, would even understand her situation.

“I hope his father realizes this will all come to haunt them soon enough. So stop being immature. I'm proud of my son. One day he will come to realize how much I loved them. [sic] All that I sacrificed all the pain just so they had their 'peace,'” she said.

“Benjie won't understand this. Even if he opened a Websters Dictionary neither his wife.. they know nothing about unconditional love. Everything has been conditional. And F.Y.I. I named him Kobe and I see that was an excellent decision. [sic] God is watching," Jackie added.

Jackie likewise enumerated her many efforts to raise the athleticism of her sons and even her own inclinations. “I played tennis, i love to box, i trained brazilian jiu-jitsu for 2 yrs, i train muay thai, i practice yoga and enjoy plyometrics/crosstraining, i used to surf, i hike and bicycle [sic] to name a few things.”

She wrote, “I taught my kids how to throw and catch an American football, i had them trained in skateboarding when they were with me with Stoked Manila (though against their fathers controlling desires) and i enrolled them for wrestling and boxing at Red Corner a few weeks before i realized i would never see them again and almost every weekend we go bowling with their friends kids and siblings of my bffs @thelollicakechic @samanthalopeznyc @superflyfaith @cherriedelrosario.”

Jackie further stressed that she did what she could do for her sons even if, “People who dont know me can keep insisting i was irresponsible but when i had Andre and Kobe i did my best with what i had and i was a responsible as i can be.”

She even continued, that if need be, she has “So many people around me that can witness to my character just waiting to see what my kids are claiming so they can testify in my defense.”