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  • Jed Madela has some advice for Darren Espanto who is about to go through some changes.

Jed Madela opens up about Darren Espanto’s current ‘singing problem’

Jed Madela has some advice for Darren Espanto who is about to go through some changes.

Jed Madela opens up about Darren Espanto’s current ‘singing problem’-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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10/12/2014 12:04 AM
Jed Madela opens up about Darren Espanto’s current ‘singing problem’
101214-jed_main.jpgAward-winning singer Jed Madela who often shares the stage with The Voice Kids runner-up Darren Espanto in a bunch of jaw-dropping performances lauded the young belter who goes all out every single time. Jed, who has been known for hitting high notes himself, described Darren as the type of performer who doesn’t allow him to relax.

“Most of the time kasi when I perform with other singers, when I do duets kailangan kasi you have to work around what the singer can do,” he started noting that there are times that he has to be deliberately “relaxed” so as not to “malamon or malamangan” his co-singer.

With Darren though, he can go all out every single time and be assured that his efforts wouldn’t go unmet. “I’m happy that Darren came into the picture. This kid who has this powerful voice na kapag kumanta siya kailangan mo rin sabayan and alam niya rin na boses ko mataas rin kaya kailangan niya rin akong sabayan. So both of us we really give it all out. Walang pigilan,” he related.

The 2005 World Champion of the Performing Arts highlighted how Darren never made him feel like their performance was mediocre. “Parang after kasi ng song kapag pinigilan mo parang ‘Yun na ‘yun? Bitin ako.’ Pero ako I’m really proud to say na every performance with this kid na alam mo ‘yung feeling na ‘Yes!’” Jed noted.

Despite Darren’s continuously soaring career as marked by his recently-concluded sold-out solo concert, Jed shared that the young singer has opened up about a certain problem that he’s currently facing.
Actually I was talking to him during the trade launch and sabi ko sa kanya ‘You know you are 13 turning 14 soon, You know it’s normal and natural that puberty kicks in and your voice starts to crack.’ Sabi nga niya nafe-feel na nga niya, ‘yung mga dating notes na tinatapon niya lang ngayon ume-effort na siya,” Jed shared.

Jed related that he empathized with the young singer and actually offered him some advice. According to Jed, he told Darren to “push and not stop singing.”

Kasi if you stop singing and pinagbigyan mo ang boses mo siyempre you’ll really lose it. All he needs is the proper guidance, the proper training. ‘Wag pagurin ang boses kasi ‘pag pinagod mo rin the register is going to go lower.”

Notwithstanding his current dilemma, Jed, who considers Darren as “one of the best voices I’ve heard in the industry now,” said he believes that the young singer would go places not only because of his talent but also because of his character.

Ako naman full support ako sa mga artists na ganon. Not just talent eh. Ang dami naman diyan na may attitude problem so it’s more of a mix of talent, humility and the right attitude and respect and I see that this kid has all of that. So hindi mabigat na tulungan, hindi mabigat na gabayan at maging kuya para sa kanya,” Jed ended.