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  • The Kapamilya host says she has not made any final decisions yet regarding the issue.

Kris Aquino on transferring networks: “Negotiations are ongoing”

The Kapamilya host says she has not made any final decisions yet regarding the issue.

Kris Aquino on transferring networks: “Negotiations are ongoing”-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


01/06/2014 07:00 PM
Kris Aquino on transferring networks: “Negotiations are ongoing”
010614-Kris_main.jpgCurrently enjoying a well-deserved family vacation in London, Kris Aquino dispels rumors saying she has already decided to transfer home networks. Last January 5, she posted on her Instagram account @krisaquino214, “Psssttt: no decision has been made, negotiations are ongoing. I simply explained what's in my heart... Will enjoy out last few days here in London. Will look forward to catching a couple more musicals, doing some more sight-seeing, and experiencing afternoon tea then buying a few more teapots.” Among the plays Kris watched with sons Josh and Bimby are “Matilda,” Agatha Christie's “The Mousetrap” and “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.”

Earlier that day, Kris posted about hearing mass at Saint Patrick's church in Soho which led her to posting this message which was seemingly addressed to her 723,000 followers, “...In 2014 I will continue to believe and have faith in God's plan for my life... Thank you for caring very much about my future plans. For all those who understand that my decisions in life are most influenced by my sons, thank you... it was a solemn promise to my mom near her death that I would do everything to insure Josh's comfort and well-being. She told me that with Bimby, we could be confident that he could be independent and make a good life for himself. It’s for Josh that I must leave behind enough to insure that even when I'm gone he would be financially secure. At only six years old, Bimb understands his Kuya's special needs and promised to always share with Josh. I have been blessed with a career I am passionate about but at the end of the day, my most important mission is to be the best mother I can be...”

The rumor of network transfer started to swirl when Kris made a post last January 3, which led to numerous comments of people asking her to stay in ABS-CBN and reconsider. In that same post was the photo of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and this message, “... Time to ask for GUIDANCE & WISDOM... Please know that whatever decision I make, apart form considering what will be most beneficial for my 2 sons, it's very important to me to consider what you, my audience, wants... That's why it's good for me to be away now, to just be with my sons, so that I can reflect very carefully... God bless you all. Happy 1st Friday of 2014!” 

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