Police on Deniece Cornejo: 'kung ginahasa 'yon, maiisip mo pa bang mag-ayos ng sarili?'

Police on Deniece Cornejo: 'kung ginahasa 'yon, maiisip mo pa bang mag-ayos ng sarili?'-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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01/31/2014 08:00 AM
Police on Deniece Cornejo: 'kung ginahasa 'yon, maiisip mo pa bang mag-ayos ng sarili?'
013114-Police_Main.jpgIn a report by Pia Gutierrez on TV Patrol, Deniece Cornejo, in her complaint affidavit, detailed what happened the night she was allegedly raped by Vhong Navarro on January 22. According to Cornejo, a few hours before the crime happened Navarro called her up asking if he could visit her. Cornejo said “yes” even though she and her friends had plans of going out that night. She said that after entering her condo unit, Navarro sat down on the sofa.

She added that she was surprised, however, when he followed her to the kitchen and began stroking her hair, arms, and back. When she said no, Navarro allegedly became irritable and roughly grabbed her by the hair towards the sofa where he pinned her down. Deniece said she managed to break free and run to her room. Vhong reportedly quickly caught up with her, pinned her onto the bed, kissed her, and even pushed her face on his genitals.

While Deniece was struggling and getting hysterical, she insists that Vhong removed his shorts and underwear and then tried to force her into having sex. At about that time, her friends “miraculously” appeared. Deniece ran crying to her female friend, after which her female friend brought her down to the poolside to calm her down.

However, CCTV footage of that night showed that only a minute after Vhong left out the elevator and went towards her condo unit, Deniece herself got out of the elevator on the ground floor. This was then followed by CCTV footage of Cedric Lee riding the elevator going up. There is also no record of Deniece coming down accompanied by a female going to the poolside because she was alone when she came down.

PO2 May Ann Bagunog of the PNP Women’s Desk in Taguig said Deniece’s affidavit is not convincing. “Pwede yung paghalik, pero yung magtangka na tanggalan mo pa ng damit hindi yun magagagawa sa isang minuto lang lalo na kung palaban ang biktima.” Police also asked why Deniece chose to go to the bedroom when she could have run out of the condominium. CCTV footage also showed Cornejo was calm and collected when she was in the elevator going down. She even had time to fix her hair. “Kung ginahasa ‘yon, maiisip mo pa bang mag-ayos ng sarili pero sa kanya hindi mo makikita yun.” 

In a previous interview, Deniece’s neighbors also said they didn’t hear anyone screaming that night, which also contradicts Deniece statement that she was hysterical and shouting when Vhong was trying to rape her.