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Matteo Guidicelli hopes to introduce Sarah Geronimo to his family

Matteo Guidicellii understands Mommy Divine's 'overprotectiveness' with Sarah Geronimo.


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1/31/2014 8:11 AM
Matteo Guidicelli hopes to introduce Sarah Geronimo to his family

013114-Matteo_Main.jpgWhile he has been consistently dodging questions about the real score between him and Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo, athlete-actor Matteo Guidicelli wasn’t able to deny that he is very happy right now. During an interview at the grand press conference of his newest show Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles held at the Dolphy Theater on January 28, he admitted that Sarah is one of the reasons why he’s in a blissful state. “Sabihin natin na kumbaga isa siyang inspirasyon sa akin,” he responded.

With this, Matteo seemed to have just confirmed that there might be something to those romance rumors with the Pop Star Princess. “I guess I just want to protect what Sarah and I have. I’ll respect her side and also my side basta may mga reasons kami na I can’t say basta one day. One day everything will be okay.”

With an active career and a strong fan base in showbiz, does he have fears that the Popsters, Sarah’s fans, might launch a tirade on him for continuously denying a possible relationship? “It’s up to us. It’s us naman who will decide. I don’t think we’re stepping on anybody, as long as we respect everybody. That’s what I believe eh as long as you respect people, they’ll respect you back,” he explained. “Respect is very important for me,” he added.

When the Fil-Italian actor was just starting out in show business, he had already admitted that Sarah was one of his crushes. Now, a couple of years and relationships later, things are doing seemingly better than well between them. “Siyempre in life when you work hard on something and you get it, it’s really nice. Good things happen to people who wait and work hard. Everything in life happens for a reason,” he answered.

Sarah has been denying that her parents, specifically her Mommy Divine, were the reason for her botched romances. Many couldn’t help but deduce that Sarah’s family plays a huge part in her life and decision-making.

According to rumors, Mommy Divine approves of Matteo and the actor-athlete may have just confirmed it. “Yeah they’re very good. Everything’s okay naman. They’re like regular parents that love their daughter very much and they care for her very much,” he shared when asked how Sarah’s family treats him.

Did it appear to him that Mommy Divine was overprotective of the singer? “Baka she has her own reasons. I can’t speak for her po, but I’m sure every mother has their own reasons why they’re protective. My mom’s also very protective of me also. I’m sure meron naman siyang sariling reason,” he explained. Matteo added, “Basta mabait naman sila.”

The 24-year-old hunk confessed that, pretty much like Sarah, his family’s approval of the person he loves also matters a great deal for him. “Siyempre it’s very important that you have your family’s approval kasi siyempre when you love the person you don’t just love the person, you love the whole family. Everybody—mom, dad, brother, sister—so whoever I’ll be with, I want my parents to love also,” he said.

Does his family approve of Sarah? “Everybody knows naman that Sarah’s a wonderful person. She’s very good,” he replied.

Last year, rumors that the two had a rendezvous in the Galema actor’s hometown spread when Sarah was in town for the provincial leg of her Perfect 10 concert, something which they both belied. What’s certain though is that Matteo was supposedly the only celeb invited to Sarah’s birthday bash last July where he could’ve met the young singer’s family.

Unfortunately though, according to Matteo, Sarah has yet to meet his family. As to whether he has plans of introducing her to them, his interesting reply was, “Siyempre in the future. We’ll see.”