Sharon Cuneta takes a Twitter hiatus

Will the Megastar really leave Twitter for good?

Sharon Cuneta takes a Twitter hiatus-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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01/04/2014 01:05 AM
Sharon Cuneta takes a Twitter hiatus
010414-Sharon_main.jpgSharon Cuneta, one of the most vocal celebs on Twitter, apparently has had enough of “obscene, painful words” that she received from “people hiding behind anonymity, enjoying a very false sense of power.”

The Megastar, in a string of tweets last December 30, lamented the deteriorating sense of respect that many people for each other with the advent of social media. “I remember when life was simpler... When people had some degree of respect for one another because it was just a natural thing... And if and when one had an issue with someone, it was discussed face to face, or close by a well-meaning third person,” she stated.

Sharon, who noted how she has worked hard for almost four decades to earn the respect that she has today as an actress and a singer the “hard way,” confessed that she’s having a hard time accepting that some people can just trample on what she has toiled so hard for. “I respected people and in return, was loved and appreciated. So it is hard for me to accept that on Twitter, no matter how good you are to your followers, no matter how you go out of your way to make people happy, there will always be some who will show you disrespect, kahit nananahimik ka... They will start something and then when you exercise your right to defend your-self, ikaw at ikaw lang ang lalabas na masama,” Sharon shared.

While she believes that she doesn’t “have to prove to anyone that I am a good human being,” Sharon said she hopes that some people may find it in their hearts to recall her contribution to the entertainment industry. “How easily people forget that I once maybe made them, or their mom, or someone they love, happy... How easily they forget that I have given about 1/3 of my whole life to this most ungrateful business... The awards, the box-office queen trophies, the top-rating shows and #1 singles and albums,” she pointed out.

But more than her feats in showbiz, Sharon said she hopes that she would be remembered how she was as a mother, as a wife and as a person. “I hope they remember more than any contribution I have made to my beloved industry the way I lived my life, raised my daughter with only the help of my parents and friends, how good of a daughter I have been. And how much I loved my public. Maybe they'll even remember how very much they loved me,” she posted.

She underscored that she “built my career without social networking—arrived where I got without a twitter account” and that hopefully her fans would “understand” if she doesn’t use her Twitter account for a while and “and just go back to living my happy life with those who truly love me and who deserve my love.”