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Derek Ramsay denies he came between Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz

Derek Ramsay says that Rayver Cruz knows that he's not the reason why the latter's relationship with Cristine Reyes ended.


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9/5/2013 8:03 AM
Derek Ramsay denies he came between Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz

090513-Derek_Main.jpgFollowing his admission that he is officially in a relationship with Cristine Reyes, actor Derek Ramsay has addressed rumors that he was purportedly the third party that precipitated the split of the sultry actress’s past relationship with Rayver Cruz. “I really get upset sometimes when people say that I’m the third party and I’m the reason of the breakup. No that’s not true,” he said during an exclusive interview with Push.com.ph after the Gerald Anderson-spearheaded Hero Ball held at the Makati Coliseum on Sunday, September 1. He added, “Rayver knows that. We all know that.”

Derek further quashed speculations that he has long been harboring intentions of wooing Cristine even during the time that the Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin actress was still dating Rayver. According to him he has been “a friend, more like an older brother” to Rayver when the breakup took place in November last year.

In recent interviews, Rayver said that he was “happy” for the new couple. Coincidentally, the Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin actor also participated in the Hero Ball under Team Marine which went up against Derek’s Team Army.

Derek shared that he appreciated the gesture that Rayver did after the tournament and the way he responded to the recent events saying that, “I think it’s really awesome of Rayver to come up and shake my hand. I didn’t really see that I needed to explain or talk to Rayver because I knew he was man enough.”

The Fil-British actor likewise recognized the fact that Rayver had been a good boyfriend to Cristine. “He loved Cristine and he treated Cristine with all respect, but sometimes relationships don’t work and we have to understand that. Just like me my relationship didn’t work and it was really nice of him to shake my hand and say, ‘Hey I’m happy for you guys,’” he shared. Prior to Cristine, Derek had been in a longtime relationship with Angelica Panganiban which also ended last year.

Meanwhile, during the wee hours of Wednesday, Derek once again stirred the public with a photo that he posted on his Instagram account which drew a certain amount of flak from his followers. The photo, which he deleted a couple of minutes after he posted it, was taken during the Hero Ball game where Rayver appeared to be attempting to steal the ball from him. The said photo apparently instigated a fight among his followers, something which the actor quickly mediated with by apologizing. “Pls. don’t fight. I apologize if I annoyed anyone with the photo. I just thought it was a nice photo to share. Peace @aries26,” he wrote to one of his followers.

After that he immediately posted another photo, one with him being hugged by Cristine, where the actress commented, “Salamat sa taong masaya rin para sa amin.” Then she continued to address her new beau via the comments section saying, “@kingderekramsay My king, don’t ruin your day ok? Chill.”