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Jake Cuenca: 'Wala kaming alitan ni Sam Milby'

Jake on Jessy: 'Jessy is one of the prettiest girls in showbiz'

Jake Cuenca: 'Wala kaming alitan ni Sam Milby'-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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09/23/2013 12:19 AM
Jake Cuenca: 'Wala kaming alitan ni Sam Milby'
092313-Jake_Main.jpgWhile he didn’t flatly confess to courting his “Maria Mercedes” co-star Jessy Mendiola, Kapamilya actor Jake Cuenca’s recent remarks about her has stirred conclusions that he is having a silent competition with singer Sam Milby, who admitted recently on national TV that he was wooing the young actress.

Presuppositions about their competition began after the Star Magic Ball where Jake was reportedly seen giving a sharp eye to Sam while speaking with Jessy. The issue further flamed with Jake vaguely commenting “May the best man win” during the recently-concluded press conference for their upcoming soap.

While he might have come off as a little too proud on his previous interview, Jake reiterated that he never really meant to offend Sam with his comments. 

“No offense meant to Sam, he’s my friend. But iba lang talaga ako manligaw… When it comes to my personal life, I want to keep that to myself. I like building a world na kaming dalawa lang nung nililigawan ko or nung girlfriend ko,” Jake said.

He continued, “Iba-ibang manligaw ang mga lalaki. Hindi ko rin naman masisisi si Sam na nanliligaw siya kay Jessy kasi kung sa ‘Maria Mercedes’ nga na show, pinag-aagawan siya ng mga lalaki. Wala namang pinagkaiba eh. Jessy is Maria Mercedes and wala akong maisip na lalaki na hindi magkakagusto sa kanya ngayon.”

Sam, for his part, has clarified a couple of weeks ago in a previous Push.com.ph report that, “There’s no issue between Jake and I. There’s no issue between any other guys.” 

Asked if he considers Jessy attractive, Jake’s immediate reply was: “Super. Para sa akin, Jessy is one of the prettiest girls in showbiz… Nasa wish list ko talaga to work with her and salamat sa ABS-CBN na naka-work ko si Jessy.”

As to whether he’s planning to really pursue the actress, he didn’t give a response but he however said that his confidence plummets to an all-time low whenever he’s around her.

“Sobrang confident ko bilang lalaki pero pagdating kay Jessy, natotorpe talaga ako. For the first time sa buong buhay ko na matorpe, ngayon pa,” he shared.

Jake’s last rumored girlfriend was actress Lovi Poe.