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Anne Curtis dishes out secrets of 'refreshing relationship' with Erwan Heussaff

Anne Curtis deems that 'space and privacy' are the secrets to her strong relationship with Erwan Heussaff.


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9/20/2013 11:14 PM
Anne Curtis dishes out secrets of 'refreshing relationship' with Erwan Heussaff

092113-Anne_Main.jpgEven with her busy schedule as an actress, TV host, singer, and endorser, Anne Curtis has managed to keep her relationship with Erwan Heussaff going strong. According to Anne, what essentially makes their relationship tick is how they allow each other to have enough space to do and excel in their own respective areas of expertise.

“I think that plays a big factor and it’s again refreshing for me because as publicly known, most of my relationships have been with people I’ve been paired up with or I’ve worked with. And to have someone who’s outside of the industry, respects what you’re doing [it’s refreshing],” explained the Annebisyosa star.

Anne said she takes comfort in the fact that with Erwan in a different industry as hers, “He doesn’t have to be by your side 24/7.” She continued, “All the more I respect him for that, just the same as I wouldn’t interfere with his food and blogger kind of life. That’s his world.”

As proof of the freedom that they mutually enjoy in their three-year-old relationship, Anne revealed that, unlike her father James Curtis-Smith and best friend and Kapamilya Deal or No Deal host Luis Manzano among others, the viewers of her upcoming E! News feature won’t see Erwan among the interviewees.

“No they didn’t interview him. I believe he doesn’t like being in that industry. If it’s about cooking, he’s there. If it’s about food, he’s there,” she said, adding that, “But in terms of the entertainment industry, for his sister [Solenn Heussaff] he will. But in terms of our relationship, it’s best to keep it private.”

The It’s Showtime host even stressed that she didn’t even have to tell Erwan what he can and cannot say during interviews about their relationship. “Oh he knows, he knows. Because if he doesn’t he’s in trouble. He knows to what extent,” the Fil-Australian actress quipped.

With his seeming aloofness to the industry, is it safe to say that her Fil-French beau isn’t joining showbiz in the future? “I asked him. I even asked him to guest on my cooking show but he’s confident when it’s he’s thing but in terms of our thing [showbiz], he gets awkward,” Anne supplied.

Speaking of awkward, Anne, who is currently shooting with her ex-boyfriend Sam Milby for the upcoming film The Gifted, was asked as to whether her blogger boyfriend ever gets jealous of her onscreen leading men with whom she sometimes share steamy scenes with. “No. He just gets awkward like when he saw Derek [Ramsay] and I in No Other Woman, he just squeezed my hand and said ‘This is awkward,’” she shared.

This awkward feeling though isn’t something negative for Anne as she explained that, “You know it would be all natural for him to be awkward when he sees us onscreen but he’s not the type to be like ‘oh that’s your ex-boyfriend, you can’t work with him.’”

Get an in-depth look into Anne’s exciting life, struggles, and rise to fame in E! News Special: Anne Curtis, premiering on September 29 at 7:30 p.m. (Skycable Channel 57, Cignal Channel 25, and Cablelink Channel 33).