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Sam Concepcion and Jasmine Curtis admit they're exclusively dating

Jasmine Curtis on attending the Star Magic Ball with Sam Concepcion: 'Who wouldn't want to look pretty next to him?'


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9/14/2013 10:30 PM
Sam Concepcion and Jasmine Curtis admit they're exclusively dating

091513-jasminesam_main.jpgAlthough they were initially a bit hesitant to give a firm “yes,” Sam Concepcion and Jasmine Curtis nevertheless ended months of speculations and confirmed that they are exclusively dating. The confirmation happened at the recently-concluded 2013 Star Magic Ball at Fairmont Hotel where Sam attended with Jasmine as his date. “I am very lucky tonight to have her as my date,” Sam told the press at the red carpet.

According to Sam, he’s grateful that Jasmine, amid her tight schedule, made time for him. “You would think that it is very hard but she is very special and she did say yes,” related Sam as to how he asked Jasmine to be his date.

As for the younger sister of Anne Curtis, going with Sam had never been a tough decision to make. “Well why would you have to think twice about going out on a special night like this with Sam?” the Fil-Australian actress asked. “You can see that he was very genuine about this ball invitation for me.  It would be very, very difficult if I had to say no,” she added, “Of course you know, who wouldn’t want to look pretty next to him?”

Interestingly though, Jasmine played coy when asked if their attendance could be viewed as a confirmation of their relationship. “This is a confirmation that we’re attending together,” she quipped, laughing. But when prodded further, the two eventually gave a shy “yes” to the question if they were already exclusively dating.

In a more recent ABS-CBN News report, Sam said that everything is “okay” between him and Jasmine of late. In fact, they had even gotten past the “meet the parents” stage. “We see each other a lot. In a few occasions, she has met my family, I’ve met hers,” he said.

According to the singer-actor, he has known Jasmine for quite a while now but never really got the chance to be close to her until the lately. “We only got to start getting to know each other more in the recent years. Hindi naman mawawala na I keep trying. When you’re in a relationship, you have to keep working for it na you win a girl every time,” he said.