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Andi Eigenmann turns emotional over being accused of causing the Nikki Gil-Billy Crawford split

Andi Eigenmann confesses that being called the third party in the Nikki Gil-Billy Crawford breakup has 'affected' her special relationship with Jake Ejercito.


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8/7/2013 5:11 PM
Andi Eigenmann turns emotional over being accused of causing the Nikki Gil-Billy Crawford split

080713-andi_main.jpgAlthough she has categorically denied being the alleged third party that caused the recent breakup of longtime couple Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford, Galema lead star Andi Eigenmann nevertheless confessed that she felt “bad” over being involved in an issue that she has virtually nothing to do with.


“I feel bad na parang kung tinanggap niyo nalang ‘yung sinabi nya and respected his privacy at hindi na nagdagdag ng kung ano pa ‘cause I’m pretty sure this issue na kasali ako sa relationship nila, wouldn’t come from him [Billy],” the 23-year-old actress pointed out during an interview at the Kapamilya Trade Launch held at One Esplanade, Pasay on August 6. Andi, along with Coleen Garcia, were among the few celebrities that were linked to the shocking ending of Nikki and Billy's fiver-year relationship.


Meanwhile, Andi didn't mince words when she related that what actually saddens her about this latest controversy is the fact that her peaceful life has been disturbed and consequentially, “affected” her special relationship with Jake Ejercito anew.


“’Yun nga po eh, ‘yun rin ang nakakahinayang para sakin eh. He’s not here. Parang wala naman akong ginagawa tapos all these people are giving him reason to worry or doubt me,” said Andi. “And I’ve just really been working hard and gusto ko lang po talaga mag-focus sa work kasi parang gusto kong i-prove ‘yung sarili ko to certain people,” she continued vaguely.


Late last year, Andi revealed in one of the episodes of The Buzz that she had parted ways with the young Ejercito. Immediately after that, rumors began circulating that the reason for their split was because former President, now Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada, Jake’s father, disapproves of Andi. For his part, Mayor Erap had already denied this issue citing that his son is old enough to make decisions on his own and that he doesn’t really meddle in his son’s affairs.


Although she didn’t give many details about it, Andi admitted that she and Jake have already spoken about this latest controversy. “’Yun nga po, napagusapan namin kaya nga po ako naiyak,” she sheepishly confessed. Has it affected their special relationship? “Yes, because I have nothing to do with it yet at the same time I have no way of proving it [to him] because he’s not here,” the Galema star bluntly confessed.


“I mean siyempre gusto ko ring alagaan ‘yung… I mean we’re not together as a couple but ayoko pa ring masira whatever it is that’s left just because of something like that,” she added while choking back tears.


However, Andi remains positive that the truth shall prevail and that amid all the issues thrown her way, she can still keep her head up high because she has her daughter Adrianna Gabrielle as her living reminder to focus on “what’s more important.”


Andi will be taking on the role of Galema in the upcoming fantaserye of the same name soon in ABS-CBN.