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  • Mario Maurer returns to the Philippines to promote his horror-comedy film 'Pee Mak.'

Mario Maurer stars in Thailand's highest grossing movie of all time 'Pee Mak'

Mario Maurer returns to the Philippines to promote his horror-comedy film 'Pee Mak.'

Mario Maurer stars in Thailand's highest grossing movie of all time 'Pee Mak'-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/06/2013 10:15 AM
Mario Maurer stars in Thailand's highest grossing movie of all time 'Pee Mak'
080613-mario_main.jpgMario Maurer arrived in the Philippines on August 3 to promote his movie Pee Mak, which holds the record of being Thailand's highest grossing movie of all time after it earned $33M. Mario, who attended a special screening of the movie last Saturday, August 3, said he was surprised by the success of the film.

“I'm very happy because it's a very big surprise for me also. It’s very exciting because I never thought it was going to be this big success and the people are very crazy about the movie. This never happened before. I've done many movies, but I've never had one that had this kind of reaction where they're bringing the whole family and friends and some people watch it three or four times,” he admitted.

Despite the success of his film, Mario remained humble and said he cannot take all the credit. “I’m very happy but for me it's not like it's just my success. The whole thing is not just me, it's the whole team and the director who made the movie perfect,” he said.

The 24-year-old Thai-German actor also does not want to let the achievement put pressure on his succeeding projects. “I'm not thinking of a higher goal or beating the record because it's impossible, it's quite hard. I just want to continue doing movies and maybe even Filipino movies if there's a chance. I don't feel any pressure because I don't think this movie is a success because of me. It's really many people who had to make this movie together so I don't think there's pressure for me for the next movie to be better or sell more. I just believe in what I do if I make another movie. I just believe that if I'm in that character. I'll just continue doing my job,” he added.

In Pee Mak, Mario plays the role of Mak, a soldier who comes home after the war to find that things have changed in his village, especially when it comes to his wife who is rumored to be a ghost. The 24-year-old actor said the storyline is derived from a folktale, which is why it is popular in this country. It also features elements of their culture from ages ago. “This story is about a couple who love each other very much and one day the husband has to go to war so when I came back she was still there but there's a rumor around the village that she's passed away already and when I saw her she's a ghost. This movie is like an old Thai story and usually it's romantic story and it's kids who listen to old people tell this kind of story and it's the first time that they make it like a comedy. Usually it's not comedy so it's unlike anything that's been done before. The haircuts in the story are very unique because it's not really period, it's kind of modern haircuts they put in the movie. Some are very old Thai style. They have many combinations. And also the black teeth, it's a part of very old Thai culture. People chew something to make their teeth dark and this really happened before and in the movie I had to keep painting my teeth black. This black teeth will help the people laugh more I think (laughs),” he shared.

For Mario, the most memorable scene they shot was one of the first scenes he did for the movie. “It was the biggest scene when we had the war. It was very nice and I liked the way they set it up. It was very big and the special effects, the bombs and I had to run and help my friend and there were people shooting at us and I had to run at the right place because if I step on the wrong side something bad could happen so we had to train three times and then it explodes. It was very big, something like a two-story high explosion so for me it was a very big experience. It was on locations outdoors,” he explained.

Watch Mario Maurer in the horror-comedy flick Pee Mak to be released nationwide by Star Cinema starting August 28, Wednesday. For more Kapamilya updates, log on daily to Push.abs-cbn.com and follow Push_Mina on Twitter and Instagram.