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  • Mario Maurer says Pinoys can definitely relate to his popular horror-comedy flick, 'Pee Mak.'

Mario Maurer shares why he enjoys working with Filipinos

Mario Maurer says Pinoys can definitely relate to his popular horror-comedy flick, 'Pee Mak.'

Mario Maurer shares why he enjoys working with Filipinos-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/28/2013 10:09 AM
Mario Maurer shares why he enjoys working with Filipinos
082813-Mario_Main.jpgAfter doing the romance movie Suddenly It's Magic last year under Star Cinema, Thai superstar Mario Maurer admitted he is hoping his Filipino friends will support and watch his latest project, a Thai horror-comedy film called Pee Mak. The movie, which has already been shown in other Asian countries earlier this year, has become Thailand's highest grossing movie of all time with $33M in ticket sales.

The 24-year-old actor stars as Mak, a soldier who comes home to his village and finds his wife accused of being a ghost. The model-actor said the story is a variation of a popular Thai folklore and hopes Pinoys can relate to the story. “I worked with Filipino actress and we talk about ghost stories. All of my friends in the Philippines, we have some kind of related ghost stories. They have ghosts like the woman who takes her head off at night and the man who fly with wings. I don't know what's the name but we have a Thai name for that. When I work with Filipinos, they don't make me feel like I'm from another place, they make me feel like family so I'm very happy to show my movie here,” he said.

Mario said that people of all ages can enjoy the movie because it is not just about being scary, but is also about the loving bond between friends and family. “Most of the movie is funny but we still have the romantic angle of these two characters because it's not only about comedy, it's also about romance. You don't have to think too much to watch Pee Mak. It's a comedy and it's a horror movie but it's not that scary. It's more of a comedy and a love story too,” he explained.

The Thai-German heartthrob said Thai and Pinoy humor are similar in a lot of ways. “Yes of course. This movie is easy to understand and I think for the Filipinos who will go and watch it it will be great. They can just go there and laugh,” he added.

After a brief visit to the country last month, Mario shares what he missed most about the Philippines and the friends he has made here. “Of course I miss adobo, I miss the food here and I miss the Filipino people. I want to go to Palawan! It was a great working experience and I hope to work with Filipinos again. They were all so very nice and it was very fun working with them. I had a good time,” he said. If given the chance, Mario said he would not hesitate to do another movie in the country and get the chance to work with more Filipino actors. “I can work with anyone if I have the chance. I don't have any special choice,” he added.

When he is not busy with work, Mario said he is just like any regular guy who likes to hang out with his friends and indulge in his hobbies. “When I'm with friends I don't have to talk about work, I like to do something crazy like some crazy sport like downhill bicycle, skateboarding and I like to ride old cars. When I'm not working I'm usually at home or doing something with my car. I like classic cars,” he said.

Currently single after reportedly breaking up with longtime girlfriend Gubgib Sumonthip (a Thai actress) earlier this year, Mario said he is focusing on his work for now. But he admitted that when he is in love he can be a very romantic guy. “For me the grandest thing I did for love is I have not really done anything very big. If I love someone, I really do. I really take care of that someone,” he said.

Watch Mario Maurer in the horror-comedy flick Pee Mak to be released in selected theaters nationwide under Star Cinema starting August 28, Wednesday. For more Kapamilya updates, log on daily to Push.abs-cbn.com and follow Push_Mina on Twitter.