Bamboo says he will never go into acting: “That will never happen with me. Sorry'

Bamboo says he just wants to focus on his singing career.

Bamboo says he will never go into acting: “That will never happen with me. Sorry'-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/02/2013 10:34 AM
Bamboo says he will never go into acting: “That will never happen with me. Sorry'

080313-bamboo_main.jpgAside from being one of the judges of the premiere season of The Voice of the Philippines, singer Bamboo has also been busy with his August 17 concert at the Araneta Coliseum with Yeng Constantino entitled By Request. Bamboo shared that their show has a very unique concept because they will be performing songs requested by their fans online.

“I think that’s the fun part. I always do major shows but what excites me about this whole project is yung buong set list is made by the fans. Every single song. I refuse to do any song that I’ve done unless they request it and they put a twist to it so I expect to be doing covers. If I’m going to do originals, there has to be a bit of a twist, may bago dapat. I encourage people to sort of be creative also. I think that’s the kind of landscape we sort of live in these days, na ang sarap ngayon. Napaka-reactive natin ngayon eh. we do something tapos yung reaction ng tao makukuha mo na kagad which is amazing,” he shared.

With over 180,000 followers on Twitter, Bamboo said he has already compiled a long list of song requests for the show. “I have 120 pages full of requests because I save everything on Twitter. And that was just for the first question pa lang and I think we’re going to be giving a series of questions every week. This list was for when we fed them one question pa lang on what rock song they want us to sing. May nakuha na akong iba dun. I’ll just filter that and move on to the next one,” he said.

Unlike his contemporaries in the music industry like Rico Blanco and Marc Abaya who have both branched out into acting, Bamboo said he does not see himself crossing over to that field. “That will never happen with me, sorry (laughs). I guess I know what I’m good at, I know what I’m comfortable with. I’ll never say never but I’m almost 99.9% sure. Maybe for a film, I’ve done a film with Rivermaya but still we were singing as a group, no acting involved, that sort of thing. In The Voice of the Philippines, all natural for me because we aren’t acting at all. It’s just me being me, all genuine 100% and that’s all I expect for myself. But to be someone else, I don’t know. I have to have a director I can trust for film. For TV I don’t know, I can’t handle the hours. I enjoy what I do too much which is singing, performing and songwriting. That’s what I live and breathe for and having my own time,” he explained.

Dubbed as the “Philippine Prince of Rock” Bamboo said there has never been a shortage of offers for him to try out acting, but he always chose to prioritize his music. “Of course there’s been offers. It’s always been there but I’ve always said no and I’ve even gotten scripts for certain things and I guess when the right thing comes along and if I feel I’m mature enough that I can handle it then why not but right not now, today 99.9%. but I doubt it because I love what I do. Ngayon pa lang I’m so swamped. I’m doing so much already so I can’t imagine finding time to do anything else. And when I do something I want to be 100% in. Ayokong daanan lang yan eh. I’m not that kind of guy. I’m not that kind of artist. I don’t want a paycheck. I want something that’s going to fulfill me so yun ang importante sa akin,” he explained. 

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