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Julia Montes steers clear of 'diversions'

Julia Montes wants her 'first serious relationship' to be also her last.

Julia Montes steers clear of 'diversions'-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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08/15/2013 10:07 AM
Julia Montes steers clear of 'diversions'
081513-julia_main.jpgAt 18, Julia Montes already has a clear vision of the type of man that she wants to end up spending eternity with. But at the moment, she is opting to have her work as her boyfriend.

Although she doesn’t have any suitors at the moment, Montes said she’s not even in search of someone to be with so as not to have to deal with “diversions.” “I can say na conscious talaga akong i-divert yung attention ko. Ako kasi yung tipo ng tao na pag pumasok ako sa isang bagay, all out ako,” Montes told Push and other members of the press during her launch as the brand new ambassador of locally-owned company Comfit on August 8 at the 55 Events Place.

Montes, who recently got back on primetime with Muling Buksan Ang Puso starring opposite Enrique Gil and Enchong Dee after the end of her hit soap Walang Hanggan with Coco Martin, is apparently not one to fool around especially when she has big plans for her own career. “Iba ako pumasok sa isang plano o kung anong gusto kong mangyari. So this time, kung ano ang plano ko sa career ko, kung gaano ako ka-focus, [gusto ko] hindi siya ma-divert,” she added.

However, recent reports noted that the MBAP star has obtained “permission” from her lola to have a boyfriend, something which somehow goes against her self-imposed restraint to have one. “Hindi naman allowed. Pero siyempre si lola naman hindi rin naman niya sinasabing allowed, pero hindi rin naman niya sinasabing di pwede as long as alam ko daw yung ginawa ko at alam ko yung possibility na pwedeng mawala or ma-divert yung attention ko. Yun lang ang main concern ni lola,” Montes shared.

But, according to her, if a “perfect one” comes into her life, then, maybe she can reconsider her stance. “Kasi ang hirap pong sabihin na ako ready ako tapos yung taong darating hindi pa.

One of her persistent suitors recently was her Walang Hanggan leading man Martin, whom in previous reports, she had shared, has been consistently “wooing” her lola. Is her Lola’s approval that hard to obtain? “Si lola hindi, mas mahirap ako. Pero sinasabi ko sa inyo diba kailangan pasagutin si Lola ganon, ganon pero mas mahirap ako. Minsan si lola [sinasabi niya] ‘Bakit ang sungit sungit mo kay ganito eh okay naman eh?’ May character ako na kapag ayoko talaga eh [ayoko talaga],” Montes said.

Meanwhile, despite being all-too certain that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship yet, Montes spilled the characteristics she envisioned her “perfect one” to have. ”God-loving not God-fearing, family-oriented and can balance everything in life. Yun lang simple lang. Hindi talaga ako masyado sa looks. Yun lang, kung paano yung lifestyle niya,” she revealed.

Being her current onscreen partner, naturally she was asked if her “perfect one” would be Enrique Gil, a question which she swiftly answered with, “Guwapo siya! Para siyang prinsipe pero ewan ko kung siya na yung perfect one.”

Is he making a move towards her while on set? “Hindi ko alam kung move yun as Enrique or Francis [Gil’s character on ‘MBAP’],” she shyly supplied. “Hindi ko alam kung tama yung nafe-feel ko. Nate-tension ako.”

Nevertheless, Montes, declared that she isn’t closing any doors on him. “Gaya naman ng lagi ko pong sinasabi wala naman pong kino-close. Basta ngayon lang happy sa work, enjoy lang and go with the flow,” the Fil-German teen star shared.