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Lee Min Ho describes his Filipino fans as passionate and romantic

Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho promotes his new album with a concert in Manila.


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7/9/2013 9:19 AM
Lee Min Ho describes his Filipino fans as passionate and romantic

070913-leeminho_main.jpgKorean heartthrob Lee Min Ho came to Manila as part of his 10-city tour for his My Everything World Tour to promote his new album. The City Hunter and Boys Over Flowers star admitted he was happy to return to the Philippines for his second visit.

During the press conference held at the new Bench Tower in Bonifacio Global City last July 5, Friday, host Sam Oh also served as interpreter for Lee Min Ho at the event. “My first time here was for my endorsement for Bench and now my second time is because of my concert. I’m very, very happy to be back. I’ve always wanted to come back ever since I came here the first time,” he admitted. Lee Min Ho will also be performing in major cities like Tokyo, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai, Osaka, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and the United States for his new album.

The 26-year-old actor-singer also talked about dedicating his new album to all his loyal fans. “The title of the album really refers to the fans. This album is a gift to my fans because my fans are my everything. That is why the title is My Everything. My fans probably know that I prefer slow ballads to sing. But I wanted to mix it up a little in this album so there are some upbeat dance tracks in there as well. Singing in front of my fans before, I think the singing needs a little bit of work, so the album is another way for me to work on that aspect of my career,” he explained. Lee Min Ho said for him, singing is not much different from how he approaches acting. “When I think of the lyrics, I put myself in the scene so it’s almost like acting,” he explained.

Lee Min Ho said that he thinks the Philippines and his Filipino fans are very unique when it comes to their character. ”What sets Manila apart is the beach, the sea, and the islands. I also feel that my Filipino fans are very passionate and when I look into their eyes they look very innocent. There is really no one word that can encapsulate my relationship with my fans. My fans are my lover, my friend, my family and my everything. Over the years, the communication I have with my fans have deepened quite a bit. I’m very, very grateful for that. The Filipino fans, they’re very passionate. I also feel that because there are so many beautiful islands in the Philippines, it kind of reflects all the fans as well. I see the romanticism, the femininity also shows through in my fans,” the Bench Global ambassador admitted.

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