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Daniel Padilla on getting drunk issue: 'Sabi ko nga hindi ako lasenggero'

Daniel Padilla says he is getting used to facing different rumors about him and his family.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


07/05/2013 10:06 AM
Daniel Padilla on getting drunk issue: 'Sabi ko nga hindi ako lasenggero'
070513-daniel_main.jpgCurrently busy preparing for his much-anticipated new soap Got To Believe, Daniel Padilla said his packed schedule does not leave him much time to be updated with the latest intrigues including those involving him and his family. Recently, his uncle Robin Padilla posted a photo on Instagram about finally accepting his “sister” BB Gandanghari. DJ said he was one of the last to hear about it. “Alam niyo ba, si Kathryn (Bernardo) pa nagsabi sa akin kasi hindi na ako nag-i-Instagram. Hindi na rin ako nag-ti-Twitter. So sabi sa akin ni Kathryn tingnan mo yung post ni Tito Robin mo. Nung tiningnan ko, natuwa nga ako eh. Astig eh, kahit sinong makakita nun mapapangiti talaga. Happy ako,” he said.

Although the issue involves his two unlcles, DJ wanted to refrain from commenting on their relationship. “Kahit hindi pa naman nangyari wala akong sasabihin, wala akong karapatan. Wala naman ako nung mga panahon na yun eh. Kasi ayokong sumali dahil hindi ko naman alam yung nangyayari talaga,” he said during his launch as Lily’s Peanut Butter’s first celebrity endorser held last July 2 in Quezon City.

Another issue that DJ addressed during the presscon was the rumor that he had performed drunk during a show. His mom Karla Estrada already clarified on PUSH that there was no basis to the rumor at all. DJ chose to take it as a compliment that someone would fabricate that story about him. “Ano yun lasenggero? (laughs). Sabi ko nga hindi ako lasenggero. Astig, lasing daw ako, parang rock star. Kahit kathang isip, parang rock star na rock star. Yung mga banda ginagawa yun pero hindi ko naman gagawin yun. Ba’t naman ako mapipikon? Hindi naman totoo. Yeah I’m okay with it,” he said.

The young actor also said he was getting used to detractors saying he was already becoming “maangas” and “mayabang.” “Okay lang. Totoo naman yata yung maangas. Hindi naman ako maangas masyado. Hindi naman ako nag-aangas eh. Ang bait bait ko nga eh. (laughs). May mga mga nagagawa naman akong hindi nagagawa nila. Ano lang naman yun, bawian lang naman yun di ba? So kung ayaw nila i-handle ng magandang way, i-handle mo siya sa ibang way,” he said.

Having hordes of fans also has its wild moments as one reportedly threw a bra at him during one of his provincial shows. “Matagal na ata yun eh. Anong ginawa ko? Tumingin lang ako tapos umalis na ako. Anong gusto niyong gawin ko, suotin ko? (laughs). Wala, hindi ko naman kinuha eh. Ba’t ko naman kukunin?” he said. DJ said he was not offended by the incident and neither was Kathryn with whom he has a “Mutual Understanding” relationship at the moment. “Wala namang way para ma-offend siguro ako. Hindi ako ma-o-offend dun. Yun lang talaga. Sobrang conservative ako, hindi ako nagbibiro promise. Bakit ko naman i-ha-handle? Sila naman may gusto nun eh. At saka hindi ko naman sinabi na ihagis niya yung bra niya sa akin. Bakit naman natin i-e-entertain yun, hindi naman maganda [kung inentertain ko yun],” he shared.

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