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Star Studio Exclusive: Ai Ai Delas Alas talks about life after separation with Jed Salang

Ai Ai Delas Alas describes how her loved ones, spiritual mentors, and fans help her in moving on after her traumatic experience with now estranged husband Jed Salang.



7/17/2013 12:25 PM
Star Studio Exclusive: Ai Ai Delas Alas talks about life after separation with Jed Salang

In Star Studio Magazine’s July 2013 issue, Ai Ai Delas Alas looks back on her past relationships and why she has always dreamt of having a complete family, only to end up betrayed and traumatized once more by a man whom she thought would give her a happy ever after. As a result, she feels adverse to the notion of getting married again in the future. “Hindi naman pala kasi yun ang sagot, akala ko ‘yon hindi naman pala. Masarap lang kasi ikaw ang legal wife. Di ba, kung sa labanan, ako ang misis, ako ang may karapatan. Pero kung hindi naman ibibigay sayo ng lalaki yung karapatan mo bilang asawa, what’s the use ‘di ba? Ano ang use ng pagiging asawa? Eh di basura lang din ‘yung papel na ‘yon…” 


In this photo, Ai Ai gets ready for Star Studio’s photo shoot. Part of the feature in the magazine is a series of shots showing the different facial expressions of the Box Office Comedy Queen. One of the captions included her definition of love, “I think the greatest love of all is God’s love and sabi nga ni Whitney Houston (na hindi niya naisabuhay), ‘the greatest love of all is to love yourself, and it is the greatest love of all…’” 


Ai Ai admits that she’s still in the process of healing. Aside from the love given to her by her loved ones and multitude of fans, she shares that an unexpected encounter with Catholic author and motivational speaker Bo Sanchez during the wake of one of the latter’s relatives. Apparently, he made her realize that she shouldn’t feel scared of staying single. “Sabi niya, [noon], magkaroon ka man ng problema, pakonti-konti lang. Para akong binuhusan ng malamig na tubig. Parang yung kaluluwa ko, lumipad. [Ang nasabi ko na lang], parang, ‘Ay Diyos ko, salamat.’”  


Sancho Vito Delas Alas is Ai Ai’s son by former stage and television actor Rey Malte Cruz. He was the one who accompanied the actress when she revealed the truth behind her short-lived marriage with Jed Salang in a taped interview with The Buzz. Star Studio gets an exclusive interview with the 22-year-old who shared the depth of his love and closeness with his mom. He has nothing but good words about the way Ai Ai raised him and his siblings even way before she hit it big with the Tanging Ina franchise. “Never niyang pinaramdam sa aming ang bigat sa buhay. As in, masaya lang lagi kung paano niya i-explain sa akin, sa amin. Kaya never ako nagkaroon ng bitbit na sama ng loob. Kung may problema man, lagi niyang nagagawan ng paraan. Tanging Ina talaga siya.”