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  • Jake Cuenca says he also felt guilty about Eugene Domingo's injuries during their shoot.

Jake Cuenca reveals he almost died while shooting a scene in 'Tuhog'

Jake Cuenca says he also felt guilty about Eugene Domingo's injuries during their shoot.

Jake Cuenca reveals he almost died while shooting a scene in 'Tuhog'-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


07/16/2013 08:52 AM
Jake Cuenca reveals he almost died while shooting a scene in 'Tuhog'

071613-jake_main.jpgJake Cuenca shared he was challenged by having to drive a bus on one of Metro Manila's busiest streets while shooting the movie Tuhog. “Kinapa namin kasi medyo nakakatakot at mahirap. Pero masasanay ka rin naman. Nung bandang dulo, magaling na ako. Inisip ko to just do it and learn by doing and gawin mo na lang and ingatan mo yung co-actors mo at hindi rin madali ah, kasi alam mong may camera na sobrang mahal, kailangan mo talagang ingatan. Natuwa na lang ako kasi nagtiwala sa akin yung cast, pinagkatiwalaan ako ni direk, nila Uge (Eugene Domingo) na i-drive yung bus na yun at ginalingan ko na lang,” he shared.

Jake also admitted he was affected by his co-stars’ minor injuries during the shoot. “Kinabahan ako pero again Eugene is game, okay lang sa kanya yun and natuwa naman ako. Had it been another actress ewan ko ah, pero si Miss Eugene kasi walang kaarte arte at all and for me, doing the movie with her was one of the best experiences for me,” he said.

Another bus scene also proved to be almost life-threatening to Jake during their shoot along Commonwealth Avenue. “Muntikan na ako mamatay. Muntik na akong masagasaan ng bus kasi may eksena talaga na sasagasaan niya ako eh nakatalikod ako. Pagkaharap ko andiyan na yung bus tapos tumalon na lang ako. Kung hindi ako tumalon patay na ako siguro ngayon. Pero okay naman,” he revealed.

The 25-year-old actor who is also part of the upcoming Mexican telenovela remake Maria Mercedes said he is not new to public transportation. “Actually nung first day ko as an artista yun ang transportation ko. Sa bus bitbit ko maleta ko sa taping nung dun sa kabila pa ako (laughs). Nung nagsisimula pa lang ako. Yun talaga ang means of transportation ko. MRT at saka bus,” he shared.

Jake, who was recently launched as the first celebrity endorser of My View, said that when he is not busy with work, he is trying to be more updated when it comes to technology. “It's just recently I've been a techie kasi I've been using Instagram and Twitter. It's just now I'm figuring out all these things about gadgets and stuff. I really appreciate how technology has advanced over the years. You really have to acquaint yourself with it. My baby sister uses a tablet. It's something that we all have to get used to. It's become part of our daily lives,” he said.

The mestizo actor admitted that when it comes to social media, he likes to share his love for music. “Napansin nung mga followers ko that I always tweet about music. That's the one thing I always tweet about. It also defines my moods, it defines how happy I am. When I'm acting I also need that. Minsan nagiging outlet ko yan. One thing lang about Twitter is that I make it a point to at least still be a role model kasi marami pa ring batang gumagamit ng Twitter,” he added.

Just like a lot of people who enjoy playing games on their gadgets, Jake said he has followed in the footsteps of celebrities like Kris Aquino and Vice Ganda. “I think everyone plays Candy Crush now. Lahat ata ng tao addict sa Candy Crush ngayon (laughs). I also like the first person shooter games kasi ang galing na ngayon,” he said.

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