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Cherie Gil on her secret to success: 'I just do what I love'

Cherie Gil says that she's successful because she's doing something that she loves.


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7/10/2013 9:29 AM
Cherie Gil on her secret to success: 'I just do what I love'

071013-cherrie_main.jpgWhen Cherie Gil was asked by Push.com.ph what was her secret to success in showbiz and in life as a whole, the actress responded, “I just do what I love and whatever floats my boat at the moment. And every time I delve into a new project it catches me at a specific time in my life.”

She stressed that things come naturally for her and she doesn’t like to force anything. “I don’t really exactly plan, but I do what I love and whatever thirst I have at the moment. I’m glad that it’s reaping its benefit,” she said. The actress relayed that she’s a firm believer in the idea that there’s always something to look forward to in life. “There’s always something new to discover and something new to contribute, so whatever it is that I have as of the moment ‘yun ang ibibigay ko,” she said.

Though she has in the industry for decades now, the actress revealed that she still needs to work on some challenges. “You know sometimes the body can also take its toll especially with the hours we keep so that’s the challenge.” She said she hopes that her health can still thrive so that she can continually do acting. “The only thing I would like to have is more time and health so that I can still do what I love to do,” she added.

The actress is part of the new series Muling Buksan ang Puso. On the role, Cherie shared, “[My role] is fun. I’m the barrio lass, I come from grass roots and we own a koprahan. Pilar Pilapil is my mother and my role is quite different.” How different is her role in this soap? “For one it’s totally unglamorous, she’s funny, she’s quirky. She’s fun,” she remarked.

Muling Buksan ang Puso also stars Enchong Dee, Julia Montes, and Enrique Gil. When asked what it is like to work with the three young stars, she was quick to respond. “It’s great. I’ve work with all of them in the past.” On her advice to all the budding actors of this generation, Cherie pointed out that loving one’s craft is essential. “All I can say maybe is to make sure that they love what they do and they’re here for the pure intention of being an inspiration, and putting their best foot forward in the hopes of improving everything about the industry,” she said.