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Karylle on exchanging smiles with Marian Rivera: 'Okay na po lahat'

Karylle reiterates that there's no reason for her to be standoffish towards Marian Rivera whenever they bump into each other.



6/8/2013 12:07 AM
Karylle on exchanging smiles with Marian Rivera: 'Okay na po lahat'

060813-karylle_main.jpgKarylle and Marian Rivera have decided to let bygones be bygones.

According to recent reports, the two exchanged smiles when they where spotted at German Moreno’s 50th anniversary celebration at Resorts World. The two were embroiled in a controversy when Dingdong Dantes and Karylle supposedly broke up because of Marian in 2008.

On her part, Karylle maintained that she really has no hard feelings anymore towards Marian since she has long since moved forward in her life. “Siguro naman it’s time for everyone to move forward. At least on my part, there's really nothing. If people still don’t understand or believe that, ni-reiterate ko lang na ito yung patunay na okay na po lahat, sana po wala na magalit kahit kanino. Siguro naman ‘di ba? Kaya ni’yo ‘yan,” said Karylle with a smile during an interview after the Yahoo OMG Awards 2013 press con held at the Urbn Bar and Restaurant last Tuesday, May 4.

Asked if she’s open to talking to Marian if given the chance, Karylle said that it’s something she will deal with once it happens. “Kung nandun ka sasagutin kita. Mahirap ang what ifs kasi hindi naman [ako manghuhula]. I can’t really tell the future. [Pero so far] wala lang talagang chance.” 

Karylle also admitted that she has seen her ex-boyfriend Dingdong several times since they’re still business partners (in Centerstage, a karaoke resto). “Well, hindi na siya kasama sa MOA branch. Please visit Centerstage MOA,” she beamed. 

Karylle apparently has no hang ups anymore with regards to Dingdong and Marian’s relationship since she never gets pikon whenever her Showtime co-hosts would tease her about it on air. Fans of Showtime are probably familiar of the popular segment Kalokalike, which already featured lookalikes of Dingdong, Marian and even Karylle’s current beau Yael Yuzon. There was even an episode wherein the Showtime hosts urged Yael and Dingdong’s lookalikes to engage in a funny face-off.

Karylle merely laughed at such jokes of her co-hosts. “Sanay na ako. Sabi ko nga buti na lang okay na ako sa sarili ko. Kasi parang siguro ang hirap naman harapin yung mga ganong jokes [kung hindi ka okay. Mas yung ibang tao pa nga ang ganon minsan]. Sa Showtime sabi ko, ’Pwede bang gumawa na kayo ng bagong joke?’ Wala eh. Parang naging regular na siya sa show,” she nonchalantly stated.