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Zia Quizon admits she is more interested in directing than acting

Zia Quizon says she she is not inclined to follow in the footsteps of her mom Zsa Zsa Padilla and sister Karylle when it comes to acting.

Rhea Manila Santos

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06/04/2013 08:05 AM
Zia Quizon admits she is more interested in directing than acting
060413-zia_main.jpgAs part of the Star Magic family, Zia Quizon admitted she feels lucky to be part of its recent 21st anniversary celebration. “Of course I’m very, very honored kasi bago lang ako and they chose me to be a part of it. Since I’m new in Star Magic so it’s nice din to get to familiarize myself with everyone in such a comfortable way which is through music. Lately I’ve really just been trying to focus on finishing my second album. I just want to make sure it comes out well and so that it can come out na so I’m really trying to give an album na people would want to listen to,” she told Push.com.ph

The 21-year-old singer admitted that unlike her mom Zsa Zsa Padilla and sister Karylle, she is not as inclined to crossover into acting. “I’m a never say never kind of person naman talaga in general. It’s just that I’ve always been interested in film from more of a backstage point of view like writing and directing. Of course because of my dad’s influence I was always more intrigued nung director siya or writer siya or producer. So if ever I’d be more inclined to do something behind the scenes,” she explained.

Zia admitted though that if given the chance and the right kind of role, she would be interested in auditioning for a Broadway play like what Karylle did for the local auditions for Miss Saigon. “Maybe, it’s just that kasi for Broadway I don’t have a classical Broadway lead star voice that’s very high and very birit kind of a voice. I have a very low voice. I think I might be like yung parang supporting character lang na mababa so it will be hard din to fit in. Pero I’m very, very interested din if it’s something that I feel that I can represent,” she admitted.

Zia said that with her upcoming new album, she has put in more input with the technical side. “It has a lot of my own compositions personally and I'm starting to get involved din now that I'm starting to get more familiar with the system of paano gumawa ng album, mas comfortable na ako to put input and my musical influences heard so if anything it’s going to be a bit more personal,” she added.

Zia said despite her focus on her successful singing career, she always makes time to bond with her mom Zsa Zsa. “I still live at home so I see her everyday pa rin naman. Nagka-carpool kami sa ASAP and things (laughs) so we still have a lot of time to hang out,” she said. Just like any typical mother and daughter, she and her mom enjoy learning new things together especially when they go out of the country. “I guess our favorite bonding activities are just normal things, yung nanunuod kami ng movies at home. Mas homebodies kasi talaga kami even as a family. So talagang nights in. Parang we like kasi to do things that saves time so at least if we bond we can also rest or we can learn something at the same time like taking classes when we’re abroad to learn things when we travel because we like to learn din so it’s exciting,” she said.

The talented singer also reacted to Zanjoe Marudo's recent comments on wanting to follow in the footsteps of her dad, Comedy King Dolphy. Zanjoe recently played the dual role of a straight and a gay twin in the Skylight Films comedy Bromance.  “I think there’s a lot of honor din to represent a certain branch of our society lalo na yung they’re underrepresented din in media or misrepresented din in media so I hope that yun nga, yung mga portrayals niya very truthful to their culture and their lifestyles. Of course he’s very talented so I’m sure he’d be very careful din to be relevant to them and to be sensitive din to what they want to watch din. So I’m really glad to hear that,” she admitted.

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