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Xian Lim shares that his mom is behind the positive changes in his life

Xian Lim on playing 17 musical instruments, on being a health buff. He also talks about the most special woman in his life, his mom and how the i-Shiners excel because of the support of their parents



6/30/2013 10:46 PM
Xian Lim shares that his mom is behind the positive changes in his life

060713-xian_main.jpgDuring an interview on the late-night talk show "Martin Late @ Night” Xian Lim, one of showbiz’s most sought-after talent today, wowed the audience by playing a number of musical instruments. According to host Martin Nievera, the Kapamilya actor can play 17 musical instruments, including the piano, trombone, ukulele, harmonica, cello and xylophone and he sings too! Not only is Xian Lim musically inclined he’s a confessed health buff as well, “I’m into running and I would also like to join triathlons. I also play basketball.”

Xian Lim is the new matinee idol. And it seems like he has it all. But when asked what’s his secret to all his success he smiled and said, “My mom”.

Xian Lim credits his mother Mary Ann as the force behind the positive changes in his life. In an interview on "Showbiz Inside Report" aired last May, the actor thanked his mom, who raised Xian by herself after her separation from her husband. Xian even told his mom this sweet message, “hindi uusad yung buhay ko kapag wala ka”.

That’s why Xian Lim, as one of the hosts of Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp 2, is proud of the latest developments on the show.  Like him ,  these 12 i-Shiners namely: Nica Mores, Mhae Mejos, Krystal Brimner, Nathan Bautista, Kurt Garcia, Shawnly Atuel, JM Andres, Thea Cervas , Gianna Somilon, Isaiah Pascual, Jesse Ongteo, Yesha Camile are supported by their parents and are ready to impress everyone with their talents in singing, dancing and acting!

The 12 i-Shiners went through more comprehensive workshops with top caliber mentors. Teacher Pinky taught the students on the proper breathing and body exercises, as these are equally important to improve the i-Shiners' techniques in singing. Teacher Georcelle, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of following instructions from your teacher in order to master the skill in dancing.  Lastly, Teacher Piolo stressed the value of imagination and being present in the moment when you act in order to imbibe the character and scene required from the i-Shiners.

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Promil Pre-School I-Shine Talent Camp 2 airs on  Saturdays at 10am before Be Careful with my Heart Rewind. Hosts are Dimples Romana, Xian Lim and Matteo Guidicelli.