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Paul Soriano on wedding plans with Toni Gonzaga: 'I'll propose when she least expects it'

Director Paul Soriano talks about how Toni Gonzaga never fails to surprise him with her talent.

Rachelle Siazon


06/28/2013 11:42 PM
Paul Soriano on wedding plans with Toni Gonzaga: 'I'll propose when she least expects it'
062913-paul_main.jpgDirector Paul Soriano escorted Toni Gonzaga to the premiere of Four Sisters And A Wedding last Tuesday, June 25. In an interview with Push.com.ph and other entertainment reporters, he expressed how proud he was after watching his girlfriend’s dramatic performance in the film. “I know how hard she works so I’m proud of her. Every time I can support her, I’m there. She never fails to show something new.”

The couple recently marked their sixth anniversary, but direk Paul claimed that he and Toni haven’t celebrated it yet due to their busy schedules. But he added that it doesn’t have to be grand as long as they spend time together. “We haven’t celebrated it yet because she's busy with her movie. So now maybe we can make plans, have dinner together, [or] just be together. Our relationship is doing great, it’s strong, it’s getting towards where I want to be, where she wants to be.”

Although they both have their hands full with their respective work commitments, Direk Paul revealed that he appreciates Toni’s efforts to surprise him with sweet little gestures. “For me it’s the little things [that matter]. She’s doing this movie, she’s hosting The Voice of The Philippines, and she’s got a cooking show. But she still sees me at 12 midnight just to say hello, just to say good night, give me a cupcake. She likes to bake. I’m in love with her caramel and carrot cupcakes.”

It’s interesting to note that Toni has been posting Instagram photos of her homemade goodies, which surprised some of her followers since she still finds time to bake pastries despite her busy schedule. She later revealed in an interview that Direk Paul actually encouraged her to do so and even enrolled her in culinary classes last year.

Direk Paul, in turn, said he feels happy because Toni can now put it into good use with her upcoming cooking show. “Yes, she loves to cook. She started learning how to bake and how to cook two years ago. What a blessing because she’s doing a cooking show. Her food is great so it’s good practice for her, for the future,” he added with a laugh.

As it is, Direk Paul is also busy directing TV commercials and producing indie films. He’s also working on co-producing films in Los Angeles, which is why he often goes abroad lately. Good thing Toni is equally supportive of all his endeavors. “Toni always encourages me. She tells me to go abroad, do what you got to do. She’s very supportive just like I am with her career. That’s what makes our relationship great. When you share your dreams with each other, walang inggitan. We know where the relationship is going. We’ve been together for six years. I’ve known her for seven. So I believe it’s all about having a strong foundation.”

When asked about their wedding plans, Direk Paul claimed that it’s only a matter of time before he pops the question to Toni. “Let’s put it this way, when I have a wedding with Toni, the outfits will be very different. But yeah you guys have to watch out for that in the film,” he joked, referring to a particular scene in Four Sisters And A Wedding.

On a serious note, he added that he would make sure that Toni would be surprised when he proposes to her. “When it comes to the wedding I told Toni, this is your day, your time to shine. Just tell me what to wear, what to do, I’ll do it. She knows that. But of course I still have to ask the question muna. The ball’s in my court. I guess for me, my plan is when she least expects it.”

The press reminded Direk Paul that Toni hopes to get married at the age of 30. To which he cheerfully replied, “She’ll be turning 30 in January so keep your cameras on, guys. It’s happening very soon.”