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Denise Laurel talks about taking on a mother role in 'Annaliza'

Denise Laurel admits she was initially hesitant about playing a mother role for the first time.


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6/28/2013 11:36 PM
Denise Laurel talks about taking on a mother role in 'Annaliza'

062913-denisse_main.jpgDenise Laurel took on a mother role for first time in Annaliza. When asked how it is playing the the role, the actress remarked, “At first medyo hesitant ako, it’s my first mommy role and medyo matanda ‘yung character ko for me. I was nervous because I never watched the show before. I heard about the show, the brand for so many years and about Julie Vega, but I never thought that they would ask me to play the mom.”

Though she was initially doubtful about the role, Ruel Bayani, the business unit of the show convinced her to play the character. “When I spoke to direk Ruel (Bayani) and told me the story, maluha-luha pa siya, tumindig ‘yung balahibo ko, on what he expected to be a mom, how he expected a mom to be portrayed and I said go I’ll do it,” she shared.

Denise is a mom herself, but she draws the line between her personal life and work. “To use personal experiences, I will go crazy. Gusto kong hiwalayan ‘yung totoong buhay ko, ‘yung totoong ako sa minamahal kong craft. To tap to emotions so quickly everyday kasi it’s very difficult in the science of emotions and all that psychology stuff, so I really keep it safe and I really put my position into the character. I really make a new entire personality for the character na ‘yun,” she said.

On working with Patrick Garcia, who plays her husband in the teleserye, she commented, “It’s good. Patrick is Patrick. It’s really nice because it’s the first time we’re actually working together even we’ve known each other for a long time.” She relayed that the actor is truly dedicated to his craft. “He’s really easy to work with and he’s hardworking.”

Denise revealed that they had their fair share of challenges portraying a married couple at first. “It’s really learning how to become husband and wife. It’s really weird because someone you’re not really close to but suddenly you become husband and wife.”

Nonetheless, with the help of the directors, both have overcome the challenges and pulled off their respective roles subsequently. “We had great directors so they got us comfortable. They explained to us.”

She also got to bond with Patrick so that they could get to know each other. “We actually asked the questions na, ‘What’s actually your longest relationship?’ You know bonding stuff like that para naman sa eksena isipin namin na, ‘Would husband and wife really do that?’ I’ve never been married before neither has he so siyempre it’s good that we have people to guide us,” she said.