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Toni Gonzaga proves to be the 'surprise package' of 'Four Sisters and A Wedding'

Toni Gonzaga wows moviegoers with her comic timing and dramatic prowess in the 'Four Sisters and A Wedding.'



6/26/2013 9:15 AM
Toni Gonzaga proves to be the 'surprise package' of 'Four Sisters and A Wedding'

062613-foursisters_main.jpgCongratulations are in order for the star-studded cast of Four Sisters And A Wedding who all succeeded in providing maximum entertainment to the moviegoers who attended the film’s red carpet premiere at SM Megamall Cinema 9 and 10 last night, June 25. They played their characters so well people wouldn’t have a hard time identifying with the black sheep (Angel Locsin as Alex), the over-achiever (Bea Alonzo as Bobbie), the trying-hard daughter (Toni Gonzaga as Teddie), the nurturer (Shaina Magdayao as Gabbie) and the baby of the family (Enchong Dee as CJ). Each was given their moment to shine and to showcase their flair for drama and comedy.

Toni, however, proved to be the biggest revelation in the movie. Aside from the fact that she has perfected her timing in comedy, she also gave Bea a run for her money when it came to a dramatic showdown. Given her character’s bubbly yet insecure personality, she seemed to have given the most varied emotions throughout the film. Bea also stood out not just because of her dramatic prowess but her ability to deliver controlled emotions, whether she’s furious or seemingly indifferent, since it’s exactly what’s required of her character.

Four Sisters and A Wedding is director Cathy Garcia-Molina’s first venture into comedy/family drama, but she admirably put together a smooth-flowing story. It’s not easy given the fact that she has five lead stars who all needed to be given good exposure. As previously reported on Push.com.ph, she was the one who chose which characters would be played by whom during pre-production. And she succeeded in bringing out the best in each one of them.

The movie also has a great support cast especially Carmi Martin and Janus del Prado who kept the moviegoers laughing with their punch lines. Thanks to the scriptwriters, the best comic moments were all funny situationers and not just  slapstick comedy. Sam Milby’s special participation added to the kilig vibe of the film along with Angeline Quinto who played Enchong’s fiancée.

The film starts with CJ telling his mom (played by Connie Reyes) and sister Gabbie that he is getting married to his girlfriend of four months. Gabbie immediately shares the big news with the rest of their siblings, who instantly feel protective of their baby brother. CJ wants to get married in two weeks’ time and everyone in the family, even those working abroad, are required to come home and participate in the coming festivity. Complicating matters is the fact that each of CJ’s four sisters has either a dirty secret or some emotional baggage that threaten to break their family apart as soon as they get reunited. How will they sort out their differences? Will the sisters succeed in stopping their little brother’s pending marriage?

Don’t miss this fun movie, Four Sisters And A Wedding, now showing in theaters nationwide.