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Zsa Zsa Padilla recalls separation with daughter Karylle in the past

Zsa Zsa Padilla feels grateful that she was able to establish a close mother-daughter relationship with Karylle.



6/25/2013 8:26 AM
Zsa Zsa Padilla recalls separation with daughter Karylle in the past

062513-zsazsa_main.jpgZsa Zsa Padilla’s so close to her daughters Karylle, Zia, and Nicole to the point that they’d always travel together like a bunch of girl friends. But truth be told, there was a time when her relationship with Karylle got strained because of their broken home. Karylle—who was only six years old at the time—was left in her father’s care when Zsa Zsa decided to leave the marriage.

Wala kaming generation gap ng mga anak ko lalo na kami ni Karylle. We only have a 16-year age gap so we were always mistaken for sisters all the time. Especially when we’re abroad they always think we’re sisters. We’re close. But there was of course a period in our lives that was really difficult for us dahil sa separation namin [noon],” Zsa Zsa said in an interview with Push.com.ph.

Although Zsa Zsa was allowed visitation rights, there were stipulations that prevented her from being seen in public with the then young Karylle. “Oh yes, always naman [kaming nagkikita ni K]. May visitation na tago. Because you can’t control being a celebrity. Even if you don’t work at that time. Kapag artista or singer ka, celebrity ka eh. Hindi mo naman ma-a-avoid yun. It’s tough being in that situation and it’s being misconstrued as dini-display mo yung anak mo. It’s not that eh. There were conditions that we were just in an enclosed room just so walang masabi.”

Fortunately, Zsa Zsa was able to establish a closer bond with Karylle when the latter was old enough to make decisions for herself. “Probably since 16 or 18 years old. Dalaga na [si K]. Eventually, when the child grows up she will ask for it. Ganun yun eh. I don’t remember the age but it just happened.”

At this point in her life, Zsa Zsa is grateful that she gets to spend more quality time with her daughters. When asked to describe what type of mom she is, Zsa Zsa further shared that she’s very open to the point that they’re the ones asking her to assert her authority at times. “I’m actually the one na wala akong boundaries when I talk to them. Especially K, she goes, ‘Lalala… I’m not hearing this mama.’ Gusto ko ikwento, pwede ko ikwento. Some people like it na, ‘My mom is my best friend.’ Pero gusto nila kaibigan mo rin sila pero kailangan may authority ka as a mom. We do a lot of fun things kasi.”

Since both Karylle and Zia pursued a career in singing, Zsa Zsa added that she also enjoys supporting her daughters’ respective endeavors.  “Masaya kasi I can mentor them especially with Zia. Karylle grew up with her dad so I never had the chance to be the stage mom. With Zia it’s a dream come true to be a stage mom. But I don’t really manage her. I just guide her. I’m just there for them if they want any kind of advice.”