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Julia Barretto on her rising showbiz career: 'Timing is everything'

Julia Barretto says getting a big break in showbiz is her answered prayer.

Julia Barretto on her rising showbiz career: 'Timing is everything'-Rachelle Siazon
Rachelle Siazon


06/20/2013 08:23 AM
Julia Barretto on her rising showbiz career: 'Timing is everything'
062013-julia_main.jpgJulia Barretto believes in perfect timing. She started out as a child star, appearing in various teleseryes like Walang Kapalit, Kokey, and Palos among others. But after a while, she took a break from showbiz due to lack of appropriate roles for her.

Looking back, Julia said she is grateful that the big break she’s been waiting for has finally arrived. “I don’t why it didn’t work out during those years. Pero siguro now is the perfect time. I think timing talaga is everything. I thought it was my awkward stage. Now I can do heavy roles na rin. I think 16 is the perfect age.” 

After her first Maalaala Mo Kaya appearance, Julia will start doing a new acting project which is expected to air before her first teleserye where she plays the titular role, Cofradia. Asked about how she feels to be given lots of acting opportunities, the pretty actress explained that she’s ready to face all the challenges that come with the blessings in her life right now. “When you believe in your dreams, when you really pray, God will give you more than you imagined or prayed for. I learned na in this journey there will always be bad people—Haha! I sound like a kid—but you have to stay strong, and you have to know when negative comments should be considered useful or when they are something you will have to [brush off].” 

Even at such a young age, Julia seems to have the guts and a sense of maturity that would surely help her go places in the industry. She further shared that there’s actually not much difference with the way she acts on and off cam. “Lagi ako sinasabihan na ang girly girly ko, ang arte arte ako, kasi off cam I am. But I have a very boyish side also na siguro ‘di pa nakikita ng iba. May pagka weird din ako, yung parang I can joke around also. I am the ‘be yourself’ type. I don’t want to pretend. I think that’s what will make you unique from the rest.”

If there’s anything she misses about her days on showbiz hiatus, Julia said that she couldn’t take spontaneous vacations because of her workload these days. “[I miss] going on a vacation anytime you want. There was this time I want to go to Boracay with my family, ako lang ang natira sa bahay. And then I couldn’t because I had workshops for Cofradia. It’s harder to ask for a vacation now,” she admitted with a smile. 

Nevertheless, she has no complaints about her work since she really wants to make it big in the biz someday. At any rate, she simply makes time to enjoy her rest days together with her friends. “In an ordinary day, when I’m tired from work, I’m just at home. Pero I really make the most out of my rest days. That’s when I see my friends and go out talaga.